Happy Groundhog Day!

I'll admit it...

...I'm looking at the pictures, too.  Sandy cracked me up in yesterday's comments when she said that she didn't believe I bought my "little magazine" for the articles!  To be accurate, it's Knitter's #11, Summer 1988, and there's really only one picture that I get even close to excited about -- the Willesden Cardigan & Vest by Nancy Bush, a cabled v-neck pattern.  Otherwise, there are lots of big, round, padded shoulders and angular/modular patterns -- not as bad as another '80s knit magazine I flipped through where the models, with shoulder widths rivaling those of Labelle, looked ready for Sunday's big game.  There really are some interesting articles, though I haven't yet read any of them.  There's Knitster's Notebook by Nancy Bush; an interview with Joseph Galler who was 86 at the time and had, with is wife, a yarn showroom/warehouse in NYC (how is it I've never heard of Galler yarns before?); interestingly, the Forum article is entitled "Copyright -- when is it wrong to copy?"; there's something called Ginny's Secret Seam (from looking at the pictures, it seems to involve a knitting needle and a crochet hook); an article about linen by Nancy Bush called "Fields of Flax"; lots of interesting tidbits.

Jan31Back26sleeveNow here are some knitty-porn pics of my own to get excited about!  The bulk of two sleeves (sans saddles) and the back of St. Brigid!!  It's Cascade 220 (color 4010) -- yum.  I cast on and knocked off a few rows for the front last night.  There's a long, long way to go, but I'm on the downhill slide.

Lynne tagged me for the music meme.  I probably listen to less music right now than at any other time in my life...

1) Total amount of music files on your computer.  I have no idea; probably not many since it's fairly new, and none of them would be mine.  I had some on our old computer, and the kids had TONS, but they were lost when the hard drive croaked.  It looks like my album collection would rival Liz's in size, though; can't give 'em up.

2) The last CD you bought was:  Not for me; three Disney Karaoke CDs for my nephews and the Honey Soundtrack for Mdd -- all for Christmas.  Mdd actually went out and bought the stupid soundtrack for herself just before Christmas -- after I'd already ordered -- so I still have it.  Anyone want it?

3) What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?  "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," Eurythmics.

4)  What are your five favorite songs and why they mean the most to you (now here comes the good stuff!)

  1. Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler.  Best friend.
  2. Old Time Rock 'n Roll, Bob Seger.  Dance!  Broke a shoe to that one once.
  3. What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong.  Hope.
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Judy Garland or Eva Cassidy.  More hope.
  5. I Only Have Eyes For You, Art Garfunkel.  Love.
  6. Bonus:  Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head, B.J. Thomas.  The 45 I got with my first record player, along with this LP.

5)  What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why? To be determined.



Those pics of Brigid are amazing! I hope to, someday, feel confident to tackle a project like that. It looks like so much fun! Great color, too.


St Brigid looks amazing! What wonderful work you're doing. I just love all those cables. Wish the books wasn't a million dollars to buy!



St Brigid is wonderful! You have done a fantastic job with it.


St. Brigid looks great! How fun to cast on the last piece!


You're GOOD!!! I love that shade of Cascade, too. God, they have good colors. Those cables are amazing, and you surely do whiz through them!


St. Brigid looks fab. I think when I do Rogue, I will use that or a similar color. Love it.


Absolutely stunning! I'm speechless.


St. Brigid is gorgeous. That color is going to look so awesome on you.


even though it's wrong, and I'll get hair on my palms, go blind and burn in Hell, I turned my laptop sideways just to get a better look at your knitting porn.

evil Jezebel!


St. Brigid is looking wonderful!


Oh, GORGEOUS! The color you chose is so, so lovely. Are you going to fringe? What about length? Will you make it as long as the pattern specifies?

Mary Beth

Wow. St. Brigid is stunning. The color is so subtle and it really shows off your perfect cables. This is going to be something to look forward to...


See? I knew it was also for the pictures! hahahaa!
I am in love with your St. Brigid! Nice!
I love the Louis Armstrong song too. I forgot about that one! :)


Vicki...St. Brigid is so beautiful! I can't wait to see her done.

Love the blue Gauntlets you made also!

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