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Dsc03905Duncan couldn't stop looking at his reflection last night -- or maybe it was all the pretty lights!  We caught him several times, sitting atop a small cabinet in the kitchen, staring into the blank TV screen.  He wouldn't even flinch when someone walked by.  The lights were on in a different configuration than usual and must have caught his eye.  Or else he's a little full of himself!  I thought, "He's looking at himself so much, you'd think he had a new sweater!"

Dsc03907Wish Duncan (a.k.a. Squitten) well as he's just been delivered to the vet.  He'll return tomorrow evening, a changed kitty, if you know what I mean.

Here's the view this morning off my back porch.  Our house is perched, literally, on the edge of a ravine -- a small valley, really.  It's a gray, hazy, cold morning, but the sun is just beginning to break through.

Dsc03906Mdd finally started to knit a little scarf the other day, and now looked what happened.  She was already in bed, I was taking pictures of the cat, surfing the 'net, or answering emails, while her yarn and needles became pet toys.  A little bit of a mess -- three balls of yarn entangled and this is what remains of two needles.  Looks, to me, like the work of a dog.

Dsc03894While I was sewing up St. Brigid on Sunday -- and watching most of a Project Runway marathon on Bravo (now I'm going to have to watch the finale tonight!) -- DH was busy in the upstairs kitchen.  Wow, what a difference to have that "paneling" trimmed off.  Next step:  change out the electrical devices and then priming and painting.  I am certain now that the mushroom/trillium tiles will have to be painted.  Originally, we were going to paint this paneling dark green, but I'm thinking lighter, and maybe even a different color.

I think I'm going to lunch and to an antique shop with Mom today.  Guess what I'll be wearing!!



I watched the Project Runway marathon too... pretty entertaining stuff. Vicki, I love your St. Brigid! (everyone does) if I had one, I think it would be my official uniform. Something like that should definitely be worn everyday! Have fun antiquing! :)

Mary in Boston

Lessee, my guess is........St. Brigid!!!! I don't blame you...wear it as often as you'd like's gor-ge-ous!

Ah, poor Duncan...if only he could understand it's for the best...heh...darling picture of him watching the new kitty does the same thing...must be the newness of it...

I dunno about that yarn mess being the work of a cats love my wooden needles...only Manny, the new kitty, thinks the yarn is fun...the other two just like batting and chewing on my needles for some reason.

Have fun antiquing...I love to do that! I hope you'll show us what you find!

Curlie Girl/Kim

You wear St.Brigid all you want! It's gorgeous! Have fun antique shopping...what fun!

It looks like you have some mischievous critters in your home!


I'm finally catching up on my blogs I read. YEAH ST B IS DONE!!! Woo Hoo!
You look fetching in it! What a great color too, it really shows the cables nicely.
Poor Duncan, that'll teach him to be narcistic with the TV. Maybe he was having a "poltergeist" moment.LOL
Great Job!


What a cute kitty...'cause I have a finer appreciation these days. Thankfully Scooby came pre-fixed! Enjoy St. Brigid and wear it while the weather is still chilly. It sucked finishing Na Craga in May or June.


love the panelling. Have you thought about staining it?


Thanks for the heads up about Project Runway. I have seen just a few episodes, but I love it!


::paging forensics to examine the needle carnage::


I can't wait to see the kitchen this weekend! It looks so nice with the paneling... should be light green. Celery? :)

P.S. St. B is so very "you." :) <3!


Ah, poor Duncan. Perhaps he was trying to look into his future! :)
He has beautiful spots!
Hope your lunch was wonderful!


There goes that kid of yours again - being all sweet and everything. Ugh. My ovaries are starting to hurt! ;-) I bet your wearing St. B RIGHT NOW!

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