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Planning for the future

I started the last full repeat on the front of St. Brigid last night.  Woo!

Is it too early to be thinking about my FO photo shoot?  Well, I can't help it; I am.  I can't wait to do The Rachael -- it'll be my first!  I'm pondering locations, considering photographers, wondering if it will be warm enough to shoot outdoors!

Heh.  All I need do is read through the rest of the pattern to bring myself back from FO Dreamland.  I have a long way to go -- saddles, blocking, collar (a long braided cable), more collar (ribbing!?  that conveniently slipped my mind), sewing up, maybe the fringe (undecided).  Then I knit some more and find myself dreaming again...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments yesterday about St. Brigid and the very utilitarian Oatmeal!  When I mentioned the Must Have KAL the other day, Nathania wrote (complete with evil laughter) that resistance is futile and Norma all but rubbed my nose in her red-orange tweediness, writing of love and happiness (though there's been recent mention of crap).  Now, Elizabeth tells me that her Must Have is like my Oatmeal -- the sweater she reaches for first!  I always imagined that I'd feel that way about Must Have.  Oh, where's my resolve?

Will there be a completed pair/trio of MSF today?  My heart skipped a beat when I saw "Vicki" in the list yesterday.  WooHOO, it wasn't me -- I've still got a chance at an email from Stephanie and those mittens...



I wondered if the Vicki was you, never mind you might get those mittens yet!
Good work on St Brigid, you must be so excited about finishing.


I wondered if it was you too...you really are nearing the finish on St. Brigid! Well done! Can't wait to see that photoshoot!


Who doesn't want the mittens?

Curlie Girl/Kim

WooHoo...we're at the exact same spot with St. Brigid! I too have been dreaming of FO photos, although I'm entirely too shy to do the Rachael, but who know what will happen when I actually get this monster project off the needles. Cheers to the last repeat my dear!


That St. Brigid is a work of art.... I am in awe whenever you show pictures.

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