St. B's last hurrah -- specs and stuff

St. B afterglow

In our time together, we became quite intimate -- long evenings spent caressing, holding, yes, even fondling; I've shared my desires, bent and twisted you to my whim, yet allowed you to reveal yourself to me, teach me, steady, slow, and sure.  You did not disappoint.  I'm still awash in the afterglow, blowing smoke rings.

O O o o o

I'm utterly lost in a state of sweater afterglow.  If there never was such a thing before, there is now.  I'm there.  You've all made me feel like we're having an orgy a love-fest.*  It makes a person giddy -- ridiculous, even.  (Ya think?)
Oh, 's wonderful, 's marvellous...  I might be over it sometime next week.  Or not.

O O o o o O O o o o

You wanna know how much I love that sweater?  I did not sleep with it last night (I was both encouraged and admonished about that), but as I gently folded it and put it away, I thought, "I wish I could wear you again tomorrow. Who would notice?", "When can I wear you next?"... "I wonder how I'd like you in cotton?"  I've had similar, off-the-rack sweaters made of cotton in the past -- and have worn them to absolute shreds.

Hey, I have a (mostly) cotton sweater like that in the works!  Susan has a vague memory of my Cromarty in progress and wonders why St. Brigid reached the finish line first.  Heh, the brutal truth is that Cromarty was unplanned -- a total fluke -- and therefore had no rights at the front of the line!  I'm knitting it in Rowan Calmer, yarn that was purchased to make Audrey in my first knit-along.  I started it and made good progress, but there was a change of heart, and then a transformation.  At the time, I knew that I'd be participating in the St. Brigid Knit-Along, hosted by the wonderful Kathaleenie.

I had never knit anything from a chart before then, so to prepare for St. B, I knit the Galway hat from Aran Knitting, then a variation of the hat, and then, for some reason, decided to try Cromarty -- and I used some of Audrey's Calmer.  Just to see what it would look like...

Well, I liked it and procured the needed, additional yardage, dropped out of Audrey, made good progress, and then the St. Brigid KAL was underway and Cromarty took a back seat.  I'll be getting back to that one soon.  Though made of cotton, it's different than those sweaters I've worn to shreds -- softer, more delicate and fragile.  Those others were more like dishcloth cotton, so perhaps, someday...

O O o o o O O o o o O O o o o

After sitting with a finished, folded St. Brigid on my lap for a while on Sunday night, I pulled out the DPNs and the prized alpaca and cast on the Natalya mitt for Mdd.  That ought to be finished tomorrow (she wants only one), and then perhaps Cromarty will see some action.

O O o o o O O o o o O O o o o O O o o o

*Thank you all for your wonderful comments.  You've made me laugh and smile and even get teary.  I've been touched by every single word.  And I'll really try to pull myself together and get over this nonsense.



ROFL!! You are tooooo funny!! That sweater is just incredible and it looks fabulous on!


Thank you for responding to my query about Cromarty. I'm in the middle of Audrey and I love the Calmer, so I may just see if I can do Cromarty in Calmer. Of course, first I have to find my copy of The Celtic Collection. . .

I think I have an answer on wearing St. Brigid two days in a row. Whenever I've got a sweater that I love that much and want to wear every single day, I make a point of going somewhere new where no one has seen me the previous day wearing the sweater. It's a double plus -- I get to wear the sweater again and I go somewhere that I normally don't visit every day!


You're quite right to feel so giddy.It's a fantastic sweater,and is perfect for you.The colour and fit are fabulous on you.
Well done !


I vote for more winter too! Wear it and wear it and wear it! (It's so beautiful, I'm not sure I'd ever take it off.) By the way, guess what book I cracked open last night.... ;-)

Curlie Girl/Kim

Two days in a row...nothing wrong with that...I could be wearing my straight into Spring! Your sweater looks amazing, and is so inspiring! Mine is blocking away as we speak (following Starmore's directions with freshly washed towels). Wear St, Brigid on, and keep glowing my dear!

Teresa C

Oh you have described it so well! That feeling of love and accomplishment. You deserve every bit of it. I say wear that baby every second you can. Or toss it into the passenger seat, you can look at and pet it while you are out of the house, and throw it on everytime you need the warmth. Amazing how these handknits take on a personality of their own, huh?


Now you need a cigarette! Hahaha! Just kidding!!


More. Pictures. (please)

Lisa in Oregon

I am so in awe of your St. B. !!! It is incredible, great job! :) Lisa in Oregon

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