Resistance is futile
One to go

That Miss Dashwood...

All peaches and cream, sunshine and happiness; those big, beautiful eyes and that pouty little mouth -- don't let the little angel fool ya, she's got a bit of the devil in her, for sure!  Arrgh.  I'm nearly finished with the bobble border.  Bobbles.  I hate bobbles.  I'm taming them and it's looking wonderful, but beware...  There was no way I was going to be able to k3tog, or p4tog, much less k4tbl, so I pulled out my crochet hook and pulled the yarn through in the direction necessary to make the stitch.  Oh, much faster and a lot less angst.

I updated the St. Brigid photo album with details today, and cleaned up and changed the design of all the albums.  Still a little more to do, but much nicer!




Very good plan. That is what I would do also.


Have fun playing with Miss Dashwood this weekend!
The St. Brigid album looks great - what a helpful resourse for all of us to visit! ;)


Just found your blog today- LLOOOOVVE your Brigid. I've had the book for several years, the yarn waiting for close on 5. I'm inspired to start.

General Ginger

Thanks for updating your St. Brigid photoalbum. I may have to drool over it a dozen or so times before I talk myself into it. Miss Dashwood is truly a cutie pie.

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