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I'd like to spare you the blow-by-blow, row-by-row, got-a-ways-to-go finishing of this sweater; maybe wow you by starting Clapotis or some Latvian mittens (maybe I'll win a pair to ease the pressure), or tell you that I've succumbed to the Must Have KAL or started Rogue or joined the Fisherman's KAL, or cast on for the sweaters I've promised Katie and Ali (the yarn for these mocking me daily, I should just put it out of sight) -- knowing that Maddy is waiting in the wings, wanting only a single Natalya mitt, and DH wants a sweater (but he doesn't know exactly what kind), or that I dusted off Cromarty (languishing since September, when I actually thought there was a chance I'd finish by Christmas?).  All these are among the things that float through my head whilst I work row-by-row to finish this sweater.  Alas, none of the above.  I finished the last full repeat for the front of St. Brigid last night and tonight will commence with the neck shaping.

In other news, I am not in jail.  There were two incidents last night that could easily have led to incarceration.  The first was when I stopped to pick up Kate's paycheck.  I have been picking up her paycheck since September when she went back to school.  Last night, the young buck assistant manager was flexing his scrawny muscles by refusing to give me her check without written consent from Katie.  He went on and on, as I felt my face get red and the steam come out my ears, finally calling the "real" manager (who I'd missed by 15 minutes) who, of course, told him to give me the stupid frickin' check.  I did manage a "Thank you," but I really wanted to break his skinny little neck and that would surely have led to the first arrest.

The second arrest would probably have been only for assault rather than murder.  As I neared the end of that last full repeat, I thought that I really ought to make sure that the length was good -- it's last call for pattern repeats!  DH was already handy, but I wanted Ali's opinion, too.  I called her in from the kitchen and her friend Patrick, over for a quick visit, followed her.  There was a moment of silence as I "modeled" St. Brigid and DH & Ali contemplated all there was to comtemplate.  That's when I heard Patrick say, "You're fat."  Ali looked at me, her eyes wider than mine, and we turned toward Patrick with a "Whhaaa??"  That silly little boy was smiling at, talking to and petting the dog.  So, saved himself from assault and me from a second arrest.  Good one, Patrick!

Oh, and the decision was to leave it as is -- seven repeats.  It will likely block just a bit longer than Oatmeal, hitting right about the top of the thigh.  To fringe or not to fringe...



Out of the mouths of babes! I just had to deal with a superior smirking cashier at Staples just this morning so I know where you are coming from. But the 'fat' comment was priceless! Although weight is a problem with scent hounds, isn't it?

Mary in Boston

LOL about the fat comment to the dog...lucky for the kid he was speaking to the doggie...

I love your "to do" list...I have those things too...someday, I'll get my next life.

Brigid looks true to gauge was the Cascade 220?


Glad you're free. I say fringe. Man that Patrick kid got lucky. Clueless.


Oh my gosh, my mouth dropped open when I read the "fat" comment. Thank goodness he was talking to the dog! A few weeks ago in my youngest son's preschool, they had a "Mystery Reader". She sat down & one of the boys said "you're too fat for that chair". She said, "excuse me, but I'm *pregnant* not fat". I felt so sorry for her.


You are going to be a very busy knitter, miss if you adhere to your TODO list! :)
Not one adult would have convicted you had you murdered the little chicken necked geek. He would have deserved it!

Curlie Girl/Kim

ohhhh...good thing he was talking to the dog, but that certainly was a jaw dropping kind of night for you! Way to go on St. brigid, and your ability to ignore other projects (and not to commit assault and murder)! :0)))


One of the regulars at the shop, a German lady, said to me today, "Kathlaleenie, did you gain weight or does your sweater make you look fat?" Na Craga...thanks. :) Not sure about the fringe good thing...Cascade is economical and fringe is removeable. :)


Well, Patrick's timing really SUCKED, didn't it? Hee. Well, at least if you were in Virginia, I hope your underwear wasn't showing. That could have led to ANOTHER arrest, on your way to or from a murder or an assault. ;-)


But the poor dog?! Wasn't his feelings hurt?


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