Easter Parade


Bawk bawk bawk, gobble, bawk bawk, gobble gobble gobble.

Something very special was in yesterday's mail -- the "Cold Turkey Viking Hat" from Ann.  It's been very busy 'round here, but I promise to share some photos.

I was not having a good day yesterday.  You'd think, having a whole week to celebrate, that I'd have been cruisin'.  It wasn't so.  I was stressed about my sisters coming and not having enough time to spit & polish the house as I'd like.  DH and the kids all pitched in and it's okay, but not what I'd really like (and we're not talking anywhere near perfection, people).  One of my sisters was upset about something personal, but this upset was at the start of our visit.  It was upsetting to me.  Oh, the DRAMA!  I wanted a cigarette.  I was wishing that I could stop at the gas station and just buy ONE cigarette.

I was pissing and moaning a bit and my brother-in-law overheard me.  Nineteen -- 19!! -- years ago, he gave up a 4-pack-a-day smoking habit (Camels, mind you, and there were cigars on top of that) and we won't even talk about the drinking.  He came into the kitchen and propped me up.  No, he said, you don't wish they sold just one cigarette.  You don't smoke!!

I don't smoke.

So, anyway, he gave me my pep talk, and then the Cold Turkey Viking Hat arrived in the mail.  It was perfect!  We all tried on the hat and had a good laugh.  Another sister arrived a little while later and we were all sitting around the kitchen table.  I had the hat in front of me, kind of folded with my hands resting on it.  My sister said, "You know, from this angle, that kind of looks like a chicken..."

Bawk bawk bawk, gobble, bawk bawk, gobble gobble gobble.



I'm glad to hear that the turkey hat had a safe migration north!! Have a great weekend and tell the family that the pattern is available - turkey hats for everyone!


Oh Vicki! Look at you, sailing past Temptation Island! Ugh. Isn't family the best (as much as we love them) for sending you straight back into the arms of our bad (comforting) habits? Glad your bil straightened you out. Sounds like one tough dude.

Have a great weekend!


Well, you have survived the toughest of all instances. The FAMILY. Nothing is harder.
The hat? It is hilarious and wonderful. And just goes to prove. "You ain't chicken!"


You don't smoke. Your brother-in-law is brilliant. The Cold Turkey Viking Hat was good medicine. You are so strong. One day at a time, baby. That's all we ask.


Good for you!! Stress is always the thing that sets me eating and I am sure for smokers it is the same. Thank goodness your Brother in law as there for support! What a great statement.......You don't smoke!


Good for you Vicki... everytime you get through one of those craves it makes you stronger. Loved the hat that Ann sent you . Happy Easter to you!


I quit a 2-1/2 pack/day habit "cold turkey" on New Year's Day 1999. Six years!!! Make "I don't smoke" your mantra. It carries more power than you can imagine. Peace to you.


Congrats on the first week! When do we get to see pics of you *in* the hat?


Congrats for the week that's very cool!!! And if no one has mentioned it before just think of all the yarn that you can treat yourself to with the money that you save!!


Your brother-in-law is wise. Those of us who have dumped these difficult habits congratulate you on joining the ranks of the your case, non-smoker. And as you tell yourself...and others...that you are a non-smoker, asking to be seated in the non-smoking section, etc, you will reinforce in your mind what your body is already starting to realize: YOU DON'T SMOKE! Yay for you!



Happy Easter!!


Good for you! Congratulations! I think dealing with families is certainly the toughest--so you've been tested and made it through. Have a great short holiday.


Oh my gosh! Loving the pictures of the family in that hat! Especially the baby! ;-) Happy Easter!

Mary in Boston

That hat is hilarious...So glad you had such a great weekend...your BIL is a great guy...doesn't it feel good to say..."I don't smoke"?

I don't see any pictures of Duncan with the hat on though...was he hiding?

Happy Easter Vicki!

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