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It's a big hairy deal

Remember this?  Soon enough, I think, we'll be treated to a similar photo at Yarn Envy.  Prior to the big chop-chop, Beth will post pics of short styles she's considering and there may even be voting by the masses.  Before the scissors come out, she's trying to raise the money it will cost to have her Locks of Love donation actually made into a wig.  If you've got a dollar in your PayPal account, why not donate and help Beth reach the $1000 goal?

AieyeDoes this photo make you think you're at someone else's blog?  I've seen a couple of photos like this on my computer and I can't help but think of Cassie.  This is Ai's eye -- and I doubt she's ever seen Cassie's.  I just had to post it.

Goldie4Duncan likes the circs; he loves to help me "knit"!

Here's Goldie -- TNBO'd at the shoulders, with sides seamed and most ends woven in.  Ai got home just in time to try it on.  It looks great -- a lot shorter that the first and much more fitted.  I keep thinking of this as Ai's sweater, but it will really be Kate's.  They've gone and pulled a switcheroo and Ai's will be in the other color (take a look here).  And Mdd really wants one, too.  Pink, please!

Cable_1Do you see my little flub?  I made an extra cable crossing -- there are tight cables like that on the back, but not on the front.

LovemissionLook what landed in my mailbox the other day!  Mission Falls 1824 Cotton from a clearance sale!  And a gift book that looks like it'll be a great little read!  Thanks, Gromit, for having a great sale and for helping me celebrate the quit!



your Goldie is looking great! even with the 'flub'!

I forgot to thank you for your card --- it arrived yesterday and I love the pig! how did you know I would?


Goldie is so pretty. Of course you know I love cables also!


Eyes being the window to the soul, and all that, its not surprising that Ali would come up with a picture similar to mine. I think its fairly universal. You look into someone else's eyes when you speak with them, and being able to see your own in a mirror or a photograph is kind of captivating.


Vicki, you'll love that book! Brenda (the author) is a dear friend and colleague of mine. She's witty and wise. Enjoy!

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