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Easter Parade


The Cold Turkey Chicken Viking Hat -- perfect accompaniment to St. Brigid?  We've been having a complete blast with this hat.  Check out the photo album -- I'm still working on captions, but the pics are there...



Hahahahaha I love it!


oh that is just GREAT! i just love it.


What a hoot! A perfect ensemble, St. brigid and the cold turkey hat!
I think you could just use the hat as sort of a warning signal to the rest of the fam. Wearing the hat means HELP! :)


What a blast! LOL!


TOO perfect!


You crazy kids!


So cute! I love the pictures...I hope you are having a terrific Easter and are feeling better and staying strong.


Hahaha! That is so great! I linked to that silly pattern on my blog one time. Too Cute. Happy Easter!


Fetching. A perfect Easter bonnet!

BTW, I want to thank you so very much! I actually use your blog-"I keep tabs on these people"-list to springboard to other blogs. I try to make it a point to each day read one I have never read before, in addition to those I regularly read. And as I scrolled down and found a link TO MY BLOG I almost wet my pants! I can't believe I'm there! You have made my blogging life complete! I feel famous and honored to be amongst the other vaunted knitters.

Prayers for another day, another week of success...Blessings, to you, Vicki!


Kim/Curlie Girl

That is one funky hat!


You guys are too funny! Way to go Ann!


That hat definitely makes a statement...
uhm..... eat beef, maybe? Am really enjoying it!!!

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