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Feels like Monday

I did not get around to washing or blocking anything yesterday.  I made pretty good progress on taxes, though I'm not yet finished.  I also made good progress on the front of Ai's "Goldie" sweater.  I'm about half-way with the armhole/neckline and I'll have to paw through my notes to figure out how I handled the shoulders on the first -- I didn't like the way they'd written it the first time, and I still don't.  Something about extra tabs that went over the shoulder and were joined to the back instead of regular shoulders.  I'll post pics tomorrow -- might even have the front finished tonight.  I did find a mistake in a cable late last night, but I ain't fixin' it.

I was tempted to start something new for baby -- they're so fun and quick -- but then I get all engrossed and nothing else gets any attention.  Best to finish Goldie; wash, block and seam the hoodie; wash and block St. Brigid; and maybe work a little on Cromarty before starting some wee little thing...  My sister already has the Tanguy hat, and I've shown her Miss Dashwood and the "Miss-ter" and the hoodie.

It's been over 11 days and, according to Quitnet, I haven't smoked 223 cigarettes.  Man oh man, doesn't that sound like a lot??  I know, it is a lot, but wow -- never wrote down or kept track in that way.  "A pack a day" doesn't sound like that much; doesn't sound like over 600 cigarettes in a month!  Congrats to Connie, smoke-free for a week as of yesterday; Ann, who's also at 11+ days; and my sister who, of course, quit (one day) before me.

I'm getting sick and tired of seeing At Knit's End pictured on blogs all over the country (okay, NY and UT) and not on MINE!



Sounds like spring fever over here! B&N has the book. ALl our stores got 5 copies. Go get one!!!


Go on work it out in money how much you've saved, then do it for a month and then a year. If you're a good girl and keep it up and I know you will, I'll give you my full permission to spend it on yarn!


Totally spend it on yarn!!!! I agree - it does sound like a lot. Keep on keeping on, I say.

Sounds like progress was made on many fronts. Sorry about the Harlot's book - I picked up mine at the Barnes & Noble in North Jersey.


All those other commenters ! Rubbing it in about the book! I'm not going to do that to you. I'm just going to congratulate you on all those ciggies not smoked. And all that yarn money saved. You go girl.


That quitnet calculator thingy is amazing. I'm so proud of you.


Congratulations on the "not smoking"...I agree that you deserve a big stash of yarn for this!
I just looked through your St. Brigid photos. That is one lovely piece of work. I love the color you chose!


I too am amazed at the cig total --- amazed and slightly disgusted. what were we thinking?? a couple of nicotine gluttons!


Quitnet terrifies me. I'm so glad my quitting days predated computers. In 11 days I would have smoked 774 cigarettes. Kools. My chest hurts and my throat burns at the thought! I am so grateful to be a non-smoker, by the grace of God. And you and Ann and Connie are there too. Before you know it you'll be telling people it's been 6 years since you smoked....(I *would* wait until it's actually been 6 years, of

I cannot believe the sheer volume of knitting you can accomplish! Perhaps if I put the laptop down and stepped away from the internet for a while I might get more done.

Go grrls! Yer awesome! Non-smokers all! Gum for everybody!


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