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If I were a r*ch g*rl

I'd start each and every day with a relaxing, full body massage.  Ahhhh.  That's how my day started yesterday and, man, was I ever mellow!  We had a great little weekend get-away.  It snowed overnight on Friday and was still snowing a bit on Saturday, but not enough to hinder our plans.  We drove up to Sturgeon Bay in the afternoon; visited a yarn shop, some antique/junk shops, a great little coffee shop, and an art museum.  I had two fiber destinations in mind, but only one was open.  It had cross-stitch supplies, too, kind of all mixed together and a bit unorganized, and there wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  I spent a fair amount of time there, but didn't buy anything.  The other shop was more intriguing, carrying supplies for weavers and spinners as well as knitters -- I saw lots of looms lined up on the enclosed porch -- and I felt that they held more promise.  I'll just have to go back someday!

Our big antique purchases were an old door latch (DH) and a couple of old cabinet photos (me) for a grand outlay of $4.00.  The door latch will actually be put to use on the upstairs closet door.  The photos... well, I'm a sucker for babies and fashion and they'll just join my burgeoning collection of orphans!

Our room at the B&B was a third floor loft -- more spacious than any B&B room I've ever stayed in -- one gable end for the sleeping area, fireplace, chaise; another smaller gable end with a futon couch, TV, music, small fridge with chilled glasses and wine; a small table and chairs between those two areas (at the top of the circular stairs that led to the room); a huge bathroom was in the gable end opposite the futon area; and just outside the bathroom door was a whirlpool tub.  It was really great.  This little treat was a Christmas present to us from my mom and stepdad.

Dinner on Saturday night was on my dad and stepmom (I earmarked their Christmas gift for that purpose!).  We went to a really great restaurant that didn't look like much on the outside (it's in a strip mall), but was very cute and cleverly decorated on the inside!  Wonderful food, too.  And we had a celebrity sighting -- in the booth right behind DH was the celebrated running back for the Packers!  Most of those guys don't hang around here at this time of year, so it was even more of a surprise.

I did do a little knitting, but mostly I did ripping.  I think I ripped the back of Opptuna for the fourth or fifth time on Saturday night.  I had wonky stitches (again) and I decided that it was too narrow.  I'm on track now (that's my final answer!) and have progressed just past the armhole decreases.

Though not as bad as Day One, Day Two of Not Smoking was hard.  I had to keep reminding myself not to feel sorry for myself, that I'm really doing something very good, and that I'm not being punished -- that's kind of how it felt.  I was a little mopey on and off -- lots of sighs ("poor me") and deep breaths.  I did much better on Sunday; today, meh.  I do have three days under my belt, though, have handled a couple of stressful situations, and I haven't blown up at anyone yet.  I have noticed some triggers that I was never even aware of -- coming to the end of a row of knitting once in a while or DH heading out the door to take Mickey for a walk are two things that make me want to jump out of my chair and head out to the porch!  It seems that a reduction in my consumption of Diet Coke (almost always caffeine-free) has occurred as a result of this change, and I'm drinking more water -- not as much as I could or should, but more than I have at any other time except when I was active in Weight Watchers.  I seem to be experiencing more frequent heartburn, but that may be in my head, or because I've eaten out much more in the past week than usual.  The bottom line is, I haven't smoked since Thursday and that's good -- neither has Ann, and neither has my sister!  Yayforus!

I'm going to have to move Terby's Blog-a-Thon interview to tomorrow!



YEAH VICKI! THREE DAYS DOWN! You are doing fantastic!

Glad the weekend was good - a full body massage always does the trick - as does a good meal. Yeah on the celebrity sighting!

Thinking of you!
L, C


did you see Ahman Green???


I had heart burn while smoking -- none since Friday. As you know, my irritability went sky high yesterday and today started off cranky and miserable. That has lifted, but I feel as though it is ready to come back at a moment's notice. ergh.

my body does feel better though - it's my mind that's annoyed!


Woooohoooooo! I'm so proud of you. You have made it through the worst part. It's all so much easier from now on.


I have been thinking of you and wondering how you were faring. You sound good. Really good! One day at a time... it's not so overwhelming if you just look at it one day at a time.

Your cheerleader in CT


My ex just quit tabacco, and called me up saying that he seemed to be pissing off everyone he was talking to. I was confused, until he told me that it was his fourth day off of it, which is probably why he was so grumpy yesterday when I got mad as well. It's such a tough process, but a worthy one. Best of luck!

Mary in Boston

Just checking in to see how you're doing. The weekend sounded so wonderful...just the start you needed for this process you're places and new things to do...

I was hoping to see some pictures?

Oh, and for a reward for yourself, check out the yarn the Yarn Harlot got today...gorgeous...might be just the thing you need to keep your fingers busy!

Keep up the good work!


Yer kicking butt. And when you get down just think of the Fiddler on the Roof - the scene where Tevia sings if I were a rich man. Ba-da-da-da-da-dum. And he does that shimmy shake!


Way to go Vicki...You have been in my thoughts all weekend.Keep up the good work.


I think she's got it you know! Think of all the money you're saving which can now be spent on wonderful yarn.

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