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Imagine how the world could be... very fine!  I'm a little hoarse this morning as I was singing in top voice, and the speakers in my car put to the test, playing my new CD!  Actually, there are two new CDs, but I only played one song -- one of my all-time favorites -- "So Happy Together"!  I've mentioned that song a couple of times, but most recently when the music meme was going around.  Wendy picked up on it and told me that it was played at their wedding.  I would never have thought of it, but it's an absolutely perfect song for a wedding!  Can't you just see it?  Happy, smiling, in love, arm-in-arm, just hitched, walking out of the church to that song?  Friends and family singing that song with the choir, sending you joyously to meet your future together?  If and when my grrs ever marry, it will be so.  And I will likely sing at top voice then, too; in fact, I'll lead the chorus.  Oh, and look at what else she sent -- a magnet that she made with "my" blog picture.  That tickles me like you wouldn't believe.  Thank you Wendy!

And if that weren't enough, I also had a "prelude to spring" gift in the mail!  Cara sent a box of her photo notecards -- all flowers!  She is an amazing photographer, I just love her work.  More than that, she's a sweetheart through and through.  I have enjoyed getting to know her -- there is something about every comment and email that pings me, you know?  Plus, she's the mastermind who put together the Knit One Read Two book club.  I'm enthusiastic about that, but woefully slow... one of these days I've got to put down the needles and catch up with the books!  Thank you Cara!

Misster12028329Misster1When I put down the needles last night, there was an FO!  It's an attempt at a more manly Dashwood.  It's really not all that manly, the brim is quite riffly, but it is less girly.  I used straight needles and a twisted cast-on edge for the brim that made a less lacy and fairly firm edge; the brim is much shorter than the Miss, and I replaced the bobble border with a basket rib.  Both variations came from Knitting On The Edge, by Nicky Epstein.  Misster12028129I switched to DPNs after the basket rib and knit the rest in the round, seaming the brim and border afterwards.  I'll add ribbon ties soon.  The modified hat took almost an entire ball of Sugar & Cream for the 3-6 month size.

I enjoyed your very sweet comments about Ai and her dress yesterday.  She's so happy, you wouldn't believe it!  How happy?  She smiles like that when she's just thinking about her new dress.  Prom is one month from today.



Darn it, V. you are a fast knitter!!! Lovely hat. Thanks for the update. I may just have to join the book club.


Yippy! So glad it made you happy. We had a great time putting it together. Sing loud woman!!

General Ginger

Hey, Mr. Dashwood turned out fantastic.


I love Cara's photography too! She is so talented! It looks like you got a different collection than I did... lovely!!

Love the little hat--


The note cards are beautiful. I was just thinking of doing the same thing with some of my knitting photos. And your second Miss Dashwood is charming.
Every grrl deserves to be a princess once in her life and that dress can only help to make her feel that way.


Ooh Vicki! I think it turned out lovely. Any sweet baby boy would look so precious wearing this cap. :)


You're very welcome, my friend. So glad to make you smile! :-)

Amy Lu

Great blog! And I love Dashwood. I would definitely put it on a baby boy. Too cute!


The other Dashwood looks great,
One month to Prom night, I bet Ali can't wait, I would be trying that dress on every night if it was mine!


Oh. Love the Dashwood. I think I will have to make that one for my soon to arrive niece. It looks like you removed the ear flaps? Any tricks with that? I don't think a California summer baby would need them...


Vicki, I am not one to stick to stereo types too much - however, your second Dashwood while lovely and adorable is not manly. If you put it on a boy you will be blamed for all future therapy needs! It is sugar and spice and everything nice!


I have to agree with Ann here. How about a Bottom's up bucket? Much less girly!

Mary Beth

I think it is "dashing"! And yes, that Cara is amazingly talented!

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