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Heirloom1_1Opptuna4_1One hoodie almost finished.  Man, it looks like the front of that sweater is glowing in a radioactive way or something, doesn't it?  It's not that blue, but it is that cute!  It's all hood from this point, then a few short seams for the sleeves and sides!   Cute, cute, cute!

One side of a bag knit.  One gusset started.  Kt wasn't sure if she wanted to knit the "boring" second side next, or the "boring" gusset.  There really isn't much going on here except "boring stockinette."  Oooh, but sewn together with the addition of ribbon and some doilies, it's going to be fab.  Lynne is sending a few doilies from a recent auction acquisition that Kt might be able to use.

SquittenOne really cute kitty.  I'll tell ya, this cat is fast as lightning.  He got outside this morning and it was the devil to catch him.  Mdd finally charmed him into her arms and brought him inside.  Within seconds, as I was holding the door open for Mickey, out he ran again!  I know that Ann was hoping Poe might settle down a bit after his "operation," but Duncan didn't skip a beat -- it was like it never happened!

One week of not smoking.  Run over and congratulate Ann, too!



One week already?



That's just two rock!



That's me yelling congrats all the way from New Jersey!
Knew you could do it! Have a great (smoke-free) weekend!


for they are jolly good fellows,
for they are jolly good fellows,
for they are jolly good fellows
that nobody can deny!!

congrats Vicki!!


for they are jolly good fellows,
for they are jolly good fellows,
for they are jolly good fellows
that nobody can deny!!

congrats Vicki!!


Just boring ribbing going on here. I have to laugh at Duncan. All the male cats I have had convinced me that cats belong outside - despite the dangers ( getting fat and lazy indoors is a danger too)
As my dh (another male, obviously) says "They're animals; they belong outside."
Keep up the non-smoking - you can do it!


Go Vicki, Go Vicki, Go Vicki!!!!!


Congrats on one week down. And super cute kitty! And knits. Too.


Well done now here's to the next....have a great weekend

Mary in Boston

Congratulations on the one week're doing awesome! Had to laugh about the kitten keeps trying to get out too...I think it's the spring and he can hear birds or something like that.

Does Duncan wake you up at 4:30a.m. like my cats do? Mine knock things over until I get up...darn animals...don't ya just love them?

Oh, and the baby sweater is just adorable!
Have a great weekend!


What they all said, and then some. Woo Hoo, Vicki! Now I'm off to say the same to Ann!


I'll bet it felt like the longest week of your life...hopefully, next week will feel a little more normal. Incredible. You're actually doing it...and succeeding! My prayers are with you. You are an overcomer!



Yippie Vicki!

What a cute hoodie. That blue is blazin' on my monitor.
Great job.


Yay Vicki!!!! Wahoooooooo!!


I am so PROUD of you!!!! I just had my 3 year anniversary. Those first 3 months are hard, but then I swear to god, it's easy. I promise. You miss it, but you don't want it. You can DO IT! xo


congrats on week 1. doing great! and that blue sweater is too cute. the color is fantastic and that purse is going to be beautiful with those accents.

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