Commissioned knitting -- and WOW!
A little less puffin'



My quit date is less than a week away and I'm continuing to gather steam, information and support.  I'm finding that I'm very easily distracted, though.  I'm getting things done, but it's hard to concentrate on one thing for very long.  My thoughts go like this:  Thing-A, Smoking, Thing-B, Smoking, How's Ann?, Smoking, Smoking, Thing-A, Get Dressed, How's Smoking Ann?, More Things...  I feel like I need to pin notes to my shirt or write on my hand so I remember what it was I thought of while I was upstairs that I planned to do when I got back downstairs.  Yeah.

From QuitNet, I found a link to smoking cessation program offered by my health care provider.  They have an actual support class, but that doesn't start 'til April 18th -- I plan to have my first smoke-free month under my belt by then.  They also provide phone counseling -- and I did remember to call them when I came downstairs this morning!  I talked with upbeat, cheerleading Nurse Becky, who is sending me some information, and it sounds like I should be expecting some calls from them.  I think they're going to, like, hold me accountable.  Anyway, she liked my plan so far.

Another reason I called them is because the blurb I found online mentions that I may be eligible for reimbursement for use of replacement products, up to $400!  I wouldn't doubt that other providers have similar programs and if you're thinking of quitting, you should call!!  With my health plan, I have to be quit for four months in order to be eligible for reimbursement.  That would be July.  That could translate to a very nice, stash-enhancing windfall!

Nurse Becky also said to start changing now.  If you normally have a cigarette with a cup of coffee, separate them -- have your coffee and have your cigarette, but make it two separate activities.  If you always sit in the same chair (to have coffee and a smoke), sit in a different chair.  If you smoke in the car, stop now.  Figure out what what you're going to reach for or do in place of a cigarette -- a stir stick to chew on, a rubber ball to squeeze when you're on the phone (that's a BIG problem area for me), slowly drink (and enjoy!) a glass of water, take deep breaths, take a walk, etc.


Kt and I will be going to the LYS soon.  I have a shopping list:

  1. Noro Silk Garden (I've never used it before!) to make Opptuna, a hoodie for a baby, from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Book Two.  This one slid into the line-up because it's cute and I saw it while looking at another sweater (see #4 below).
  2. One skein each of three different colors of sport or worsted wool for classes I'll be taking next month at Spring Midwest Masters.  I'll be taking three classes from Lizbeth Upitis & Joyce Williams and one from Lily Chin (this one has swatchy homework).  I'm very excited.  I will also meet, for the first time, another knit blogger!  (I don't know what to wear.)
  3. More wool for Dulaan hats -- these will provide the FO fix I like on the weekends!
  4. Price the materials and check available colors for Williamsro, one of the sweaters I'm considering as a reward!



great project line up. and good luck quitting. you can do it!

Mary Beth

So glad you are planning your reward(s)!


I'll be pulling for you. I know this will be a challenge, but we'll all be here in the background cheering you on. And just think of all the yarn you can buy with that extra money!


You're just kidding when you say you don't know what to wear, right? St. Brigid, of course!!!! Sounds like your off to a great start and I think all the advice they gave you is great and makes a lot of sense.


Wow, way to go lining it all up to make yourself successful! :) You can do it and Ann can too.


Hey - I'll call you! Anytime you want for support. Your plan sounds very good indeed. I like the idea of separating out activities. Breaking habits is so hard - especially ones that have a physical addiction attached. I am SO THERE for you! Anytime!

PS - I'm one of those great 3AM kind of people. I'm up, I'm awake, I'm ready. Just ask my baby sister who likes to call me with her latest crises.


3.5 packs of Kools/day for over 16 years. Quit cold turkey in May 1984. No joke, it was hell for about 3 days. That's all it takes to get all the nicotine out of your body. The harder part is changing all your daily habits so that you don't run into those situations where you commonly have a smoke. It's important that you figure out where/when you usually grab a smoke...and find another place to be until the craving passes.

I never even 'cut down' on smokes...I'm an 'all or nothing' sort of person. And by the grace of God I've been a non-smoker for over 20 years. You can do this. I promise. We'll be praying for you.

Think of how much more yarn you'll be able to afford now!



Good luck with quitting.
I was a 60 a day girl [no,really ! ],more if rolling my own.I threw a whole pack on the fire one morning,in a dramatic statement of intent.Ate a lot of chewy sweets : wine gums,fruit gums etc.Then on to celery and carrots when I started to fear for my teeth.Also cleaned my teeth when the craving was too strong.After 2 weeks I was fine.Honestly.
You can do it !
I suggest investing in some gorgeous yarn for a pair of lacy fingerless gloves.You can't wear them and smoke !


I quit smoking using the obsessive knitting method. I just knit every single moment of every single day. I knit and walked. Knit and talked. Fell asleep with it, woke up with it. Took the edge off.
Oh...and drinking. Hard liquor helped too.


You have chosen a great "reward" cardigan, we know you can do it. The baby hoodie is too cute!


Good luck on quitting. That reward sweater is on I've been eyeing myself. Stay strong! Jane


Good luck with the quitting -- I'll be rooting for you, and you know that your readers will always be here if you're feeling discouraged. I quit 10 years ago last month.

I love Opptuna. It's a nice easy knit (So far it's easy. I've finished the back and am 2/3 done with the front.), and I'm just in love with Silk Garden. I keep thinking this would be a nice pattern for an adult size sweater, too, though the width of the stripes would be much narrower.

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