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Survival mode


My sister who quit smoking before I did (by a day) gave this to me when she arrived on Friday.  She's been making them and giving them to everyone she knows; in fact, she gift-wrapped mine -- and included a packet of pansy seeds -- and then pulled out a bag full of them and gave everyone in my house their own Survival Kit.  The way she figures it, everyone has SOME kind of crap going on in their life.  If she could, she'd spend the rest of her life making and dispensing things like this for the pure joy it brings her to help brighten someone's day and make people smile.

I have not broken into my Survival Kit yet.  I'm doing okay.  Today may be the biggest test, in one word, so far...  Taxes.

There's washing and blocking to be done, too!  While the kids got ice cream the other night, my sis and I got coffee; my cup was mangled under the lid and so quite a bit of coffee dribbled down the front of St. Brigid.  I also finished all the knitting on Opptuna.



Your sister has it goin' on! I think she oughta think about marketing these. What a terrific idea for a Survival Kit!

You can make it through the taxes. Something venti from St*rbucks or the like, put your feet up on the desk and...Turbotax, turbotax, turbotax!

And another day of freedom...



What a fabulous sisterly thing to do, and you girls are doin' so WELL! Yay!


You are doing fantastically well !
Just remember to keep everything in perspective. :0)


You are doing fantastically well !
Just remember to keep everything in perspective. :0)

Kim/Curlie Girl

The survival kit is such a sweet idea (sorry, I coudln;t resist the pun). It is absolutely adorable!

Please tell me that the coffee didn't stain your precious St. Brigid!


That is a great kit. You're doing so well, also! I'm so impressed. (but I knew you could do it!)


OH NO! Coffee on Brigid? We're you horrified? I would've been. Hope it comes out easily.

I did my taxes two weekends ago and it was suprisingly easy and we're getting a ton of money back! I used Turbo Tax myself.

Your sister does have a good idea - I could use one today, actually. Got your card though - great pick me up - thank you for the thank you! Glad you could share the love.


You are sounding great! I am so glad.... keep on hanging in there... one day at a time.


LOVE the Survival Kit - what a great idea. Your sister must be so cool! :o)
I hope Brigid isn't stained! You must've been so mad. ARGH!


I just have to second (or third, or whatever) the motion that the Survival Kit is the cutest thing I've ever seen! I love it! I'll have to find some free time and some people I deem worthy and do it, too. Maybe my classmates in culinary school....


The Survival kit is a great idea, good luck with the taxrs, we have to do ours this week too, bleuch!
I love your chicken hat from Anne, cute photos.

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