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Being a big fan of the three-needle bind-off, I'm doing it to Opptuna even though it's not written that way, and the first shoulder was TNBO'd last night.  This hoodie is so teeny, the shaping from neck to shoulder is done in a flash!

We've all read that three-needle bind-off may not always be the best way to go -- depending a lot on the weight and desired fit of a garment.  One thing that I've done in the past -- completely by accident, mind you -- is to forget the "bind-off" part of "three-needle bind-off" and end up simply knitting together the front and back, then I work another row to actually "bind off."  This usually happens because my full concentration is on the awkwardness of working with three needles and not losing any stitches.  I think the result is a little sturdier than a normal three-needle job, but not as stiff -- and certainly not as bulky -- as a backstitched or otherwise sewn seam.

I'm working on those Blog-A-Thon interview questions!  Here are Jennifer's:

1)  Besides knitting, I've seen other kinds of needlework on your blog.  Do you have any crafty or artistic pursuits that you haven't told us about?  Is there something that you'd really like to try?

2)  Alpha, Beta, Gamma -- where do YOU think all those SSRP boxes are?

3)  What is a) your favorite food, b) at a restaurant, c) to make from scratch?  (You do cook now and then, don't you?)

4)  "Summer vacation" and "summer home" used to have a more literal meaning -- people would actually spend their whole summer at their summer home!  Where would yours be located?  (Anywhere in the world and money no object, of course.)

5)  What's at the tippy-top of your "I'd Like to Make That" knitting project wish list?  (Again, money no object, nor even "skill level.")

--Thanks Jennifer!

Why can't I get this to post "in pictures"?  I've seen it a lot of places, but swiped it from Emma.  Well, not really swiped, since I can't get it to work -- I want to swipe it from her!!



I like the 3 needle bind off, too but only if the yarn isn't too heavy. Those bulky seams are better if the sweater is heavy.


Can't wait to see my questions! Hope you're having a great day!

Don't know what to tell you about the flickr thing. What can't you get to work?


I didn't do 3 needle bind off and have just picked up the hood stitches, I should be sewing wedding stuff, but it is a cute hoodie, who could resist! Love,love,love Katies birthday shoes.

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