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Wearin' of the Green

I put on a green shirt today completely by accident.  I was reminded of the significance this morning when I encountered Aison decked out in her wild, shamrock-print pants, green "I'm Irish" shirt, and sporting green... mascara.  It's really bright!!  I'm sporting green socks today, and those I chose on purpose.  There is a wee bit of Irish blood in these veins!

And it's me brother's birthday today, so even if there wasn't actual Irish blood, we'd be honorary Irish by association with someone born on St. Patrick's Day!  I think any Irishman would agree that it's reason enough to have a beer.  We'll be celebrating with corned beef and cabbage at Mom's.  The card I bought says something about having baked a cake using those ingredients; the punch line is that the cake can blow out its own candles!

When Kt was pretty little, we visited my sister in Milwaukee and went to the St. Paddy's Day Parade on a beautiful day*.  I lost track of my daughter, and as I ran down the sidewalk, calling out "KATIE!!" how many grrs in the congregated Irish dance troupe do you suppose reacted to my call?  A sea of faces turned in my direction, many of them topped by red hair!  (All in fisherman's sweaters, too, I probably needn't add.)  Thankfully, we found the Kt that I was interested in within seconds and the humor of the situation quickly followed.

Opptuna2Here are two completed Opptuna sleeves.  They're a wee bit longer than specified because, well, they're for a baby sweater and they're so little that by the time I thought of measuring, I'd already gone too far!  A little extra length won't hurt and I think they'd be adorable rolled up a bit.  Having never knit with Silk Garden before, I have to say that I like it -- there are some bits that need to be picked out along the way, but it's otherwise very nice and I think it'll even improve with washing.  It's probably going to drive some people nuts that those sleeves are so completely different.  I have encountered a couple of knots so far.

Does two a webring make?  So far the Cold Turkey Knitters are Ann and me, and that's okay.  As Ann said today, we're not really quitting cold turkey; we're both using nicotine replacement products, but it's a catchy name and there's no question about what we're quitting, is there?  Anyone will tell you that support is a big part of quitting and that's what the webring is about.  I'm so glad that Ann and I are doing this together; I know that I need to be accountable to someone.  Sometimes I think I'm insane for having blogged about it -- none of you even knew that I smoked -- but, you know, it was a heart & soul reaction and now I'm accountable to legions, the eyes of the world... one or two more and that can only help.  Go give Ann (Yay for us!) an Irish kiss and good wishes!

I bought my patches yesterday, along with chewy/sweet Starburst, carrots, straws, crackers, licorice, and juice.  I smoked a few less than 10 yesterday.  And at one point, was making rationalizations about maybe not having to quit altogether if I am only smoking 6 or 7 a day.  I know, I laughed at my stupidity and opened the big envelope full of smoking cessation information that Nurse Becky sent.  I go back and forth today between wanting to smoke as many as yesterday (or fewer) and going out in one last smoky hurrah.  I know, that's really dumb, too.  On March 18, 2009, I want to be able to say that it's the fourth anniversary of the day I quit smoking.

Oh, and I ordered two copies of Stephanie's book from my Independent Bookseller yesterday.  She said that it was on order.  I told her that I heard that they were on the truck.  (Whatever that means -- doesn't mean they're going anywhere or, even if they're actually being transported, that they're being delivered to anyone.  I know how it works; that sometimes, if they're going from, say, Massachusetts to New York, they might have to take the shortcut through Arizona.)  Anyway, I talked it up so much (I may have even had a twinkle in my eye) that she told me she'd call the minute they arrived, and I told her that she could sneak a peek if she'd like.

*You never know what you'll get in March, or even how many times the weather can change in the course of 24 hours.  There's a prediction for anywhere from 6-12 inches of stupid snow (that's right, Cassie, the stupid kind) between this afternoon and Saturday morning.  And it's gorgeous (relative term, it is March) outside right now!!


Mary in Boston

Happy St. Paddy's day to you too, know it's a very special day here in Boston...10 years ago today, I moved here...and was amazed at the celebrations going on...

Something to make you a mite jealous....The Yarn Harlot is gonna be at my local yarn store in April!!!!!!! Wheee!...Maybe you should come for a visit...

The baby sweater looks good to me...when you use varigated yarn, that's what you're gonna get...but I like it!

Will be thinking about you tomorrow! You'll be fine, you've got lots of support.


Exhausted, but wanted to say Happy St. Patty's to you! My nephew told me it was St. Patty's day. I asked him, what does that mean? He said you do special stuff. I'm thinking St. Brigid should come out to play, don't you?


Congratulations - I tried to quit a few weeks ago and failed miserably. I was trying to go cold turkey and just didn't make it. Went about 24 hours and then caved. Hope you do better than I did.


Happy St Paddys day to you all, what colour Silk Garden are you using for Opptuna?


Happy Saint Patrick's Day!


I love your parade story Vicki!! too funny!!

So, I'll be thinking of you tonight as I have my last puff!!



I know it falls into the category of Too Much Information, but I'm currently reading a book ...
which has given me some serious perspective on addiction.

I've dealt with the hard-core forms of addiction through close friends, but even if your experience seems tame in comparison, reading through someone else's hell-like eperience might give some perspective, or resonate on a very personal level.


You are a shining example so far, keep it up and have a great weekend even in all that expected snow. (I won't mention we're going to have a warm one and the sun is supposed to shine for at least the next three don't need to know that bit..hehe)


You will be SSSSSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO happy and proud of yourself when you look back and feel the accomplishment of quitting!!! You'll go thru a period where you dream about smoking and be horrified that you started again!!

Keep up the good work on quitting. The chemicals in cigs make you a slave. You are NOT a slave, except to maybe knitting . Your body is a gift, smoking not only goes to your lungs but it goes to your brain.

You're doing really good with replacing habits. I actually (years ago when I had fun) had to give up beer to give up cigs after 12 years. Took me about six weeks. Then I could have a cocktail without a cig.

You're doing GREAT!!!! Keep it up.


It's Friday and I'm pulling for you!!!!

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