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Yarn on my mind

Thoughts of projects are crowding my mind.  All of these have been dancing on my brain for a while, but they're really calling me now -- loudly.  They don't care about Ai's sweater or Kt's sweater or Mdd's sweater or baby hats!

I finished the back of Goldie last night and cast on for the front; it has a kangaroo pouch pocket and I really enjoy making those.  All the while, though, these other things float through my head.  And while I like what I'm making (and Ai seems to be pleased), well, I've made it before (and I'll be making it again), so the thrill is gone, I guess, and the mind wanders...

Dsc03939_1This is some wool that Yvette sent me a while back.  I wasn't sure what I would do with it 'til Saturday night.  That's when I saw "Finding Neverland" with Mdd and I now know that these will become a tam; a two-color baby tam.

Dsc03942This is some old Donegal Tweed that was left-over from a kit my sister made years ago.  She thinks that they gave her too much yarn.  Ya think?  There are quite a few untouched hanks there.  I think these would be perfect for Fibonacci.  That issue of MagKnits came out quite some time ago, and that's how long this project has been on my mind.

Dsc03941This very pale gold shetland was purchased on sale several months ago.  It wants to be something.  Something for DH, perhaps.  It's just tired of living in the stash basket.

Dsc03940And this stuff really doesn't want to be a cushion cover.  It's the Rowan gift yarn from last year and it's been moving from drawer to basket and back to drawer.  The colors are gorgeous.  I wonder if this might like to become mittens of a Latvian nature.

Perhaps now that I've acknowledged all these things, they'll stop hollering at me all at once and get themselves arranged in an orderly queue.  Maybe they'll leave some room for the grrs' sweaters and baby hats, too.

Mr. Dashwood be damned.  I'm moving on in the baby hat department.  I will most certainly be making another Miss Dashwood (in cotton, minus earflaps), but, as you can see, I don't have time for all this fooling around with sex-change operations.



Oooh! Fibonnaci seems PERFECT for that yarn! I know what you mean completely. There are so many things I want to be making I actually feel like it's causing inertia.

At least you're being productive! :-)

General Ginger

Sounds like some very lovely knitting plans up your sleeve.


I wish I knew where I put my cushion kit to. I can't find it anywhere and that can only mean one thing. I have a stash so secret, not even I know where it is.


So many projects, why is when you are already really busy with a project, other things pop into your head and demand attention. I have a blue/pink and a pink skein of the shetland yarn and they want to be a shadow tam, just have to find the time to fit them in! They have moved to the working yarn basket, that way I have to look at them every day!


I love all your yarn and the yummy projects you're thinking about. I had never seen that multi-colored cardi before~ very nice!

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