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P1Here's the lot.  And Ai and her date.  Cute, aren't they?  Ai said poofy was in.

Before you say another word, it's not my house.  It's my mother's.  It's gorgeous.  At any minute on any given day, photographers could show up and it would be worthy of a cover shot for just about any magazine you could name, except perhaps American Garage & Car Aficionado, Basement Fever, Ultimate Yard, X-Sports Quarterly because that's her DH's domain and he's more challenged in the areas of organization and neatness.  You know those places you see along the highway -- old bachelor farms, usually -- with the remains of a badly leaning barn next to a rock-solid silo, rusted out cars, trucks, tractors and plows blooming in a garden of related parts and forgotten tools, usually some left-over concrete sewer pipe from the highway construction upgrade project a few years back -- all overgrown with weeds and untrimmed shrubs, the tattered tarps (never properly secured in the first place) flapping crazily in the wind?  Whenever we pass one of those places, my mom says that that's what her DH's place would look like if he lived alone; if not for her.

In knitting news, I feel like a page out of a favorite new book.  I don't know which page, exactly, I'm a little flustered and I haven't finished it yet, but I think there are probably several that could apply.  Is there one about ripping back sleeve caps (two of them, because both sleeves were worked at the same time) because the caps were too small and the sleeves too short; working a whole evening on the re-do and then realizing that there were too many decreases; ripping back and working wasting another whole evening before discovering -- quite late and after thinking (numerous times through the evening) about how well it's going -- that all of the above was accomplished with the "smaller" (wrong size) needles?  Here I am -- *waving* -- I'm that page.


Mary in Boston

What a gorgeous bunch!!! Beautiful colors...and they all look really happy! Thanks for sharing. I bet they had a great time!

I don't know if I will get to go prom shopping this year or dear daughter has no date yet...

She went to two proms last year...but this year...keep your fingers crossed for her.

Sorry to hear Goldie is giving you such trouble. I don't think I would have the patience to rip and redo so many times...necessary, I know, but still, discouraging.

Is it warm up there yet?


Your daughter is so beautiful! You must feel so proud :)


What a bunch of beautiful people! We're ALL in that book...nearly every page. The Harlot is mind reader.


She looks beautiful! Love the poofy dress :)


she is really beautiful!! they all look wonderful!

ps. I always want to go poking around those old type decrepit farms --- I am positive there are untold treasures for the taking!


oh, they all look amazing, hope Ali had a fantastic time.
Good luck fixing Goldie.


Ali is the best looking poofy fairy princess in the bunch. How elegant!


She's a doll in that dress. Now you must be a little wicked and tell her that since you spent so much on the dress, and it's white, that she has to save it for her wedding. :)


Well, this prom thing is certainly fancier than when I was in school. Of course, that was so long ago..I don't even think long dresses where 'in' at that time. They all look beautiful. Almost makes me want a poofy dress...well almost.
Can we see more of the house?


They all look beautiful - Ali most of all. I love her dress...

(I'm definately on page 19 by the way. Scares people I wander with)


What a beautiful group of people! And your daughter just looks so cute!


Ali is by FAR the best looking of the bunch - that dress really is a fairy tale! Did you find matching glass slippers? Sorry about the sleeves. I would commiserate but I haven't been knitting at all.


I love the group shot of everyone in their pretty colors! (What a lot of fabric it represents!!)

Is that a spinning wheel behind Ali? :)


arent they a bunch of beauties? wow.

Mary Beth

I got goosebumps! Never lose that photo - it is a classic. It captures the moment, but also everything about the age! The girls, radiant, the boys, awkward, trying to look cool. You're daughter looks beautiful! (sigh)


Dare I say that Ali looks the best of all of them~ and they are all beautiful kids? What a great picture!


How fun.......brings back memories of my older 3 kid's proms. Two more to go before we are finished....

What lovely gowns!


Ah, to be that young and goodlooking again!!! They all look so nice!. I've had similar experiences with Angelina - I've got a page or two on that, let me tell ya! Sometimes you plow thro, sometimes (like me) you put the sucker away for a bit and think on it, come back to it and viola! nothing's changed.


Ali looks beautiful and her dress is gorgeous. Very nice looking group of "young adults". I'm sure they had a wonderful time! Love your Mom's home.


They all look so gorgeous! I love the dresses...I forgot how much fun (and stress) prom was...very cool.

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