My weekend with Lizzie, Joycie & Lily
Wonders never cease


Books_1I bought Latvian Dreams on Saturday with "cigarette money."  I'd seen it before and even had it on a wish list once, then Stephanie not only wrote about Joyce but showed us a few pages from the book, then I took Joyce's class and saw her work and had an opportunity for a signed book and -- hello! -- it was a no-brainer.  Steph is right, Joyce does not screw around, but you can tell that she definitely knows how to have fun, too!  She's very quick to laugh and so generous with her knowledge.

The "Notes" book bordered in orange was a gift from Amy Lu!  (Yay, she can't quite kill the blog!)  The weekend was such that I don't know if I even properly thanked her for that thoughtful gesture.  Thank you!  One of these days I'm going to head down to Cedar Grove to visit and knit with Amy Lu where she works at Bahr Creek Lllamas & Fiber Studio.

Door1On the left is the Louet Celebrity Flair linen/poly novelty yarn that was my door prize.  I really haven't used any novelty yarn and, to be honest, I've always thought "cheap."  Then I saw the $29.99 price sticker on this hank of yarn!  Yowza.  It's enough for a six-foot scarf, but that's still a pretty pricey novelty scarf, huh?  On the right is a ball of formerly snow-white Galway worsted that was dyed with Lizbeth's help.  One end was dipped in "Jamaica" Kool-Aid and the other in "Orange" and in between the two have met.  I have no idea was flavor "Jamaica" is, but I love the color!!  Some of it will be used for Ann Budd's Better-Than-Booties Baby Socks (pdf), a web-exclusive pattern shown in the new Interweave Knits which arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

BleedingheartThis is my backyard bleeding heart as of Sunday evening.  Look how it has grown since April 6th!

Bloodroot1Bloodroot2_1Also appearing are the bloodroot.  They're popping up all over the garden and in the path.  I just love how the flower bud emerges from the shroud of leaves.  Those leaves will continue to grow and grow and GROW!

I have done a little blog reorganization.  My burgeoning, obnoxious bloglines list (those with feeds) and other blog links (those without feeds) and my knitting library list (ooh, need to update that!) are now on a separate page -- click on "Blog Links" on the sidebar to get there.  I've also added a new list for "Wisconsin Resources."  I will continue adding to that as I learn of new and interesting shops and farms and fiber studios.  Holly left a comment here and wrote on her own blog yesterday about her Weekend in Wisconsin and she's so right -- Wisconsin does have a lot of yarn stores!  I've begun populating it with sources found in Fiberline Magazine, published for  Michigan Fiber Festival (Aug. 20-21), which I picked up at the seminar over the weekend.  Though I don't intend to go this year, I had a great time looking at the ads and class lists -- and maybe someday I will.


Kim/Curlie Girl

I Love to see all of your plants blooming! I have tulpis and hyacinth that are just poking their leaves through the soil! Yeah for Spring!


Thanks for the IK link - those baby socks are a must. Love the Kool-Aid yarn too.


I love many different plants! I just had a tulip bloom...and it just makes me so happy to see things bloom! Some of that novelty yarn is REALLY expensive...amazing eh? FOr me I'd rather have a cashmere blend :) hehe

Ilove those booties...just in time for these spring babies!


My brother and wife just had a baby last week and I'm so making some of those socks. Thanks for the link.


I'm with you on the novelty yarn, especially if it is scratchy/glittery/etc. Some people really love that type though. You could give the yarn away as a present (or even sell it on Ebay).
Wisconsin does have so many good yarn resources... and you havent even listed my two favorite Madison area ones, Lakeside Fibers (knitting and weaving) on Lake Monona and The Sow's Ear (knitting and COFFEE!!!) in Verona. Oh, I miss the Sow's Ear...


Oh wait, you do list the Sow's Ear! Guess I need more coffee ;)

Lynne S of Oz

Oh, you have bleeding hearts. How I loved the bleeding hearts at Home. I loved their ferny leaves and their odd flowers and the way they would disappear in our hot summers and reappear in spring.
cold turkey seems to be going great guns - keep it up for six months and I will send you some handspun alpaca!

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