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Apr28aI followed the link to Opal Yarns that I found on my visit to Lynne's this morning, and eventually landed on the page with the scarf pattern.  I recalled a very attractive scarf that was a show and tell item at the Midwest Masters a couple of weeks ago.  It was a long tube, sewn together at each end (and fringed?) that had been knit with scraps and leftovers of various self-patterning sock yarns and it was really, really cute.

If you scroll all the way to the bottom (but oohing and aahing on the way) of this post, you'll see that Carissa has started Cromarty (and is putting together St. Brigid, which I'm so anxious to see) and that she's linked to another Cromarty knitter who inspired her to start.  I'm getting inspired to finish mine.  I sewed one of Goldie's sleeve seams, wove in a bunch o' more ends and pinned it in place, but I could go no further.  I'm getting that monkey off my back this weekend and Cromarty's gonna see some action!

Ai's been watching this, training for her new gig (her at-this-point-in-time dream job) at a local coffee shop.  She was bored out of her gourd at the retail cashier job (surprisingly, not as consistently busy as expected), so jumped at this offer.  She's quite pleased that she'll be able to walk to work, too.

Tomorrow night, I'll see my baby sister and her growing bump -- and her husband and his youngest (for a few more weeks).  I'm so looking forward to it!

I applied the first of the last 14 nicotine patches this morning.  I was surprised by its size!  I've only ever used the Step 2 (14mg) patch, and it's was about 1-1/2 x 2 inches.  The Step 3 (7mg) patch is adorable -- just a little bit bigger than a postage stamp.  The packaging isn't any different, so I wasn't expecting anything different.  Those Step 1 (21mg) patches must be pretty big!  Anyway, my Quitnet stats as of this morning:  42+ days quit, 843 cigarettes not smoked, 6 days 10 hours added, $147 saved.

Climb Ev'ry Mountain, they say!  Hell's bells, my hills alive or your blossoms of snow, we're doin' it Ann!  I Have Confidence in me and you all the Cold Turkey Knitters that we can say So Long, Farewell for good!  I just love a good musical, don't you?



Alright! Keep up the good work! You can buy some great yarn with that!


So, SO proud of you! That means two weeks from now you'll be nicotine free? Are you already planning the celebration?

Good luck to Ali on her new job. I worked retail in high school and it was blah! I hated how my hands smelled at the end of the night from handling all the hangers. Gross.

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


I'm laughing...ominous sky!? Grrl, you should see these thunderheads, rain and more rain...snow line back down the mountain. We will need that raft soon, I'm afraid.
Enjoy your weekend! Let's all give Joan a bit rah, rah this week for her quit.


I was a barista in high school too. I actually learned a lot of really useful things. I was also having about 7 shots of espresso a day when you added up all of the drinks and tastes etc. I ended up sleeping 6 hours a night senior year.


Yea Vicki! Two weeks to be Nicotine Free! You should plan to have a "Free" party or dinner to celebrate-Or better yet a day at the Spa! You Deserve it!! (That's my plan in three more weeks!)

Have a Great Weekend!

General Ginger

Yes, the size 21 is huge and for the heavy smokers. I started with the size 14 and by the time I was down to size 7 it didn't really even seem to do much for me any more so I sort of stopped using them altogether. I still was grouchy sometimes but I'm not sure that was from not smoking. ;) Hey, did I mention how proud I am of you?


Wow! Congratulations on the success with your quitting smoking. I am very impressed and happy for you!


That is Fantastic!!!! You are doing great and as a bonus to your better health, you are going to have an amazing yarn budget!!!


Good for you and look at all the money you have now saved that can go towards fiber :-))))!!!


Cold Turkey, the musical. I like it. You'll have to write a dance number for the finale!


Yup, me too! And Sound of Music is one of my favorites! I'm so glad you're still on the right track...congratulations, Vicki.


That's a crap load of money!!! Congrats Vicki - You Rock!!!

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