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Can't stand it

Morning breath

Three weeks today for me, peeps.  Three weeks for Ann & Co., too.  Three weeks and a day for my sister.  Eleven days for Lesli (of yesterday's comments -- WOO, you GO, girl!).  Connie's on her way, too.  Yahoo!

One of the nicest things?  DH told me this morning that my breath smells healthier.  I'm taking that to mean better, but it is still morning breath, after all, so healthier is good.

So, you'll see Ann's stats -- know that mine are much the same, though because I live in a different part of the country, my dollar figure isn't even three figures yet.  It's enough, though; I'm not complaining!  Recent talk of another possible "sin tax" increase in Wisconsin, and I feel good that it won't be coming out of my pocket anymore!

Dsc04115 Dsc04119

Katy visited Ann the other day and witnessed the putting away of the Fiesta ware.  It prompted a cute post and some cute comments and got me thinking about how I put away my dishes.  I have an enormous collection of mismatched dishware -- all stacked by pattern, shape and size.  DH and the kids don't always get it "right."

Dsc04118 They do get the spoons right, though.  I have two spooners in the kitchen -- they're not even spooners, they're really lid-less sugar bowls, and the one on the table must have been from a farm kitchen because it's huge!  The one on the left is on the counter by the coffee pot (the sugar is actually in the worn tea canister).  The only spoons that go in there are of this Wm. Rogers vintage grape pattern (my favorite of his grape patterns) or a particular set of stainless.  Teaspoons of any pattern besides those two go in the jar on the table.

Dsc04120These would include the "Gumby" spoon, a favorite of the kids' for many years; "The Belmont" which came from who-knows-where; and the "Rose" spoon, a favorite of Ai's for a long time, but which (as you can see) is really a daffodil.

Happy weekend, all!  It's spring and there really are daffodils blooming!



You and Ann (and all the rest of you 'quiters') are just awesome. I think you'll both be my 'Zen Weekly' next week.

Lisa, Mike, Jack, Della

Three weeks! Very very very good for you! We send virtual gold stars, roses, and lantern moon needles!


thanks for supporting not only my quitting efforts, but also my Fiestaware organization!


Congrats on the three weeks!
PS: Have I told you that I am a (now displaced) Wisconsinite myself? Madison, born and raised. Wish I could move back...


Congratulations to you all, keep up the good work.
Have a great weekend.


The Gumby spoon! I was looking for Gumby and then I got it. Call me Pokey.

Congrats on the 3 week mark!!


Woo Hoo! Yahoo! you ARE awesome. For me this three weeks has just flown by, three weeks? Holy Cats, baby! You're gonna make it! Wahoo!


Congratulations again!!!

Mary Beth

That is just awesome what you have been able to do! (I love the gumby spoon!)


Woo-Hoo!! Are we all good or what?!!! We need big, "We're a Quitter!!" buttons!! lol!~ I just have to catch up to your three weeks!! (applause, applause all round!!)


I'm so happy for you! You must be very proud of yourself and rightly so! I quit over 20 years ago, and I know how tough it can be, so keep up the good work and keep treating yourself well.


Wow - congratulations!! I told my ex when he quit smoking that his skin even tasted better (don't go there... I liked to kiss his shoulders) - and when he started skoal, I could taste it. Doesn't surprise me about the complexion color change either.

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