Like a shot
It's a two-fer


Heart1Henchicks1Sedum1big On the left, bleeding heart; in the middle, hens & chicks; at right, sedum.  I also photographed snowdrop buds and evidence of foxglove, but they were out of focus.  Digital camera LCD display, bifocals and perching on a hillside to get a shot don't always lead to "keepers."

I was focused on the big purpley shoot of the bleeding heart and didn't even notice the other two until I saw the picture on my monitor.  Oh, this stuff makes me happy.  The hens and chicks do, too; I love how they're all crowded 'round the clothesline pole, falling into cracks between the bricks.

I'm still getting used to the time change.  I'd knit a row on the sleeves last night, then sit there with it in my lap for a while, knit another row, space out for a bit, etc.  I didn't get much done!  I did unpin Opptuna, though, and I love how it feels!  And St. Brigid is all ready for an afternoon outing.



Have you noticed you don't even mentioned that sm--ing anymore? That is just so awesome! What a way to start the Spring! Congratulations!

Still waiting on the babe. I'm getting out of the house today too.

Mary Beth

Well maybe I should go out and take a look around, too! Very encouraging that buds are coming up!


All those new little faces of spring make me happy, too. Thanks for sharing yours!


I love all your new spring-time buds, they are so cute.
Hope you and St Brigid had a good afternoon out.


How wonderful that you have a clothesline! Our homeowner's association doesn't allow them in our neighborhood. Bah-humbug!

General Ginger

Yep, yep, yep, spring is here! I'm trying to restrain myself from slapping too many flower photos on my blog but I can't help it! I just put some hens and chicks and a bleeding heart into my yard a couple of weeks ago. The sedum in coming back up again too. Thanks for sharing your spring photos.


I went out to start raking winter off the lawn (such as it is here in the woods...) and came across little tiny shoots of tulips and daffies coming up *through the ice*! Spring may officially be here!

How's it going this week? Praying for you that all is well and you're staying strong!


Lynne S

Wow, spring there must be fabulous. Spring here is pleasant but we have flowers and leaves (except on the deciduous trees) and grass growing all year round so it is not something that you get utterly excited about. The anemones are already trying to flower and it is still autumn! They haven't even had winter yet!
There has to be some reward for the long cold nights of winter!

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