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Thursday is the new Friday!

Well, that's how it's working this week, anyway.  Though "sleeping in" isn't what it used to be, I do like that one day during the week when my alarm doesn't go off at 5:30 a.m. (which is actually 5:00 because my clock is set a few minutes ahead).  It was really hard to get up this morning!  If I wasn't so far away, it would be the perfect night to go SnB and eat coffee cake.

Goldie8ShrtI picked up stitches for Goldie's shawl collar and did all the short rows -- now it's just straight ribbing 'til it's long enough to sew down.  Still haven't cast on any booties, but have found some more patterns and re-wound my Kool-aid yarn.  I'm ready!

DH was at the library yesterday and picked up a new book he thought I'd like.  I may have to put the knitting aside for a little Knitting this weekend on account of that little yellow sticker on the cover.  There's a close-up for ya.

A fairly recent addition to my bloglines list is Yellow Dog Knitting.  (How do you like the links on the separate page, BTW?)  It's a blog kept by a yarn shop in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  DH bought my cable knit ring from them last December (kudos to Dixie for the fabulous, last-minute, back-and-forth service).  I noticed that Joyce Williams was sporting the stockinette version of that ring last weekend.  If you click here you can see Joyce modeling her Armenian-style knit lily coat at Yellow Dog earlier this month.  "Armenian Knitting" was the only class that Joyce taught last weekend that I did not take.

Anyway, Yellow Dog has only been keeping a blog for about a month.  I learned of it because I'm now, happily, on their mailing list.  I found their first post interesting because, right about that time, I'd been reading (somewhere in knitblogland) about the seeming cluelessness (or plain old ignorance) of many LYSs in regard to the growing online knitting community; that many LYSs have no knowledge of knitting blogs, or sites like Knitty and Magknits or other online pattern sources, or the abundance of knitalongs, or even of the multitude of sites that constitute their competition -- and possibly lose business because of it.  I remember going into my LYS to buy Calmer for Audrey; I was very excited, enthused and animated, and it just didn't occur to me that they'd have no idea.  Didn't everyone know about Audrey?  Clapotis?  Personally, I think it's their business to know.

So isn't it interesting that Yellow Dog's first post featured a picture (and the link) of a completed Rogue.  I think you're on the right track, ladies.  I can't wait to come and visit!



The Goldie is looking terrific! I just placed a Booksamillion order and almost ordered that book. Curious to hear what you think about it.

Mary in Boston

One of the two online bookstores, either Amazon or Barnes and Noble, had an excerpt from "Knitting" on its site...I really liked the way it was written...let us know what you think...I'm thinking of reading it too!

The Goldie is amazing!!!

You get so much done in a day, and you work too, how do you do it? I can barely keep my eyes open when I get home, let alone deal with complicated patterns!

Oh, and would you like another dog? My dog is currently not in favor with me...;-)


You're so "right on" about that yarn shop/blogland connection. Sure, it's a relatively new phenomenon, but it's great to see shops like your Yellow Dog "getting it." Those rings are SO COOL! What a nice give from your husband.


It amazes me too that LYS' don't know about the online knitting community. I was buying yarn at christmastime and when they asked I said, "it's for Mariah from the new winter knitty." Blank. Stares. They'd never heard of it.


I get those blank stares at my LYS when I mention any kind of online knitting site. It makes me wish that there was a place a bit more tied into what is going on with the online knitting community. The instructor of my knitting class isn't really aware of it either.


Goldie is sooo pretty :)


I'm always in shock when my LYS or even Knitters that I come accross don't know about all the resources on the net. They should know, it's not as if knitting has these huge ground breaking innovations on a daily basis.

Come on people, get plugged in!


Goldie is looking great. I wish you were coming tonight too.


I do that to my alarm clock too... set it ahead to try to trick myself. Sometimes it works... other times I just hit the snooze more times.

Kim/Curlie Girl

I know what you mean about setting the clock ahead in order to wake up on time. I actually have to set my alarm for at least 45 minutes before I have to get out of bed, because that's the bare minimum time I need to keep pressing the snooze button! LOL!

That's great that you have a yarn source that is aware of the cyber world...so important, yet so many owners have no idea! It makes all the difference!


Oooh. I've never hear of that book! Thanks for mentioning it, I just popped over and ordered a copy!


Hey Vicki...I can't wait to see Goldie all done. Your knits are all very intricate & beautiful!

It seems that lots of people have been saying that this past Thursday seems like Friday.

Have a great weekend!


It's amazing to me how insular LYSs can be. At one of my local shops, I turned the owner onto Scarf Style when I appeared with a ruffles scarf, pointed her to Multi-Directional Scarf pattern (which she knit up as a shop sample in a flash) and generally let her know what's happening online. In her defense she's busy, and doesn't like to be on the computer that much, but it's easy to see why younger knitters don't do much business with her...

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