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Things that make me happy on an April morning

Wanna peek in my drawers?

While not an official participant (really, I am out of so many loops!), I'm flashin' some stash today.  Which reminds me... have you ever been flashed?  I dated a nut (in a good way) once.  While getting ready for a date one night, there was a knock at my apartment door.  It was my BF, in nothing but a trench coat, and he FLASHED me!  I don't know if I'd ever, ever have the nerve to drive across town with nothing on but a trench coat.  If there had been an accident, though, I suppose the question about clean underwear would have been moot.

Goldie5Goldie's sleeves, coming right along -- I like doing both at the same time.  They're resting atop a large hamper filled with yarn -- some of which was flashed last month.  Since then, the main additions have been yarn to make swatches for Spring Midwest Masters classes (in two weeks!) and some of the Mission Falls cotton that recently helped lighten someone else's stash!

April1stash3April1stash2April1stash1A lot of stash hangs out in (and on) a two-drawer chest in my living room.  I like things handy, I guess, which is why many of my knitting books are stacked here (and on the table next to my chair and on the floor between said table and chest).  The hamper also resides in the vicinity.  (By the way, it was only a few days ago that I noticed the typo on the spine of "Folk Mitens" -- are they all like that?)

Anyway, wow, there are things you can't even see on top of the chest because they're obscured by other things.  These are mostly works in progress (with Tums -- can you spot the top of the bottle?), but there are a number of stalled items, along with projects of Ai's & Mdd's that they work on once in a blue moon.  Actually, I don't think I'd be far off the mark if I said that Ai's is likely abandoned.

Among various balls of yarn in the top drawer are some unseamed mittens from the holiday knitting frenzy, one of the Galway hats (Kt recently took the other), my ballwinder, and my paltry collection of circs.

I smiled when I saw my Cascade 220 swatches for St. Brigid (one's the start of a sleeve) in the bottom drawer, along with some yarn that I'd originally considered for that sweater (hey, Cassie, it's Norwegian yarn!).  And I spy something suitable for baby knitting!

In other news:  Katy has a cute new 'do!  Make room on the Fry-Up plate for drumsticks, Rabbitch has a Chicken Hat KAL tickling my funnybone and Ann-the-Brilliant's.

I've saved the wee big box rant for last.  Earlier this week, I was lamenting the fact that I don't have The Book.  I ordered a couple of copies from my Independent Bookseller more than two weeks ago because I'd like to help her stay in business.  I didn't get the message (that's a rant for another day), but five days later (on the 21st) she called to say that the book was back-ordered.  I found this out last night when I was running errands and stopped in to check the status.  I told her that I have friends all over the country who have the book, B*N has the book, I've seen stacks of them in Canada -- it's out there.  She said she'd check on it again and called this morning to tell me that neither of her suppliers has the book in stock, nor can she tell me when they might, and she'd understand if I wanted to cancel the order and get the book somewhere else.  Dammit, I don't want to do that, and I'm pissed off that the little guy is getting stiffed.  I don't know, maybe this is how things work in the book world, but it feels like she's getting stiffed, doesn't it?  I don't know if I'm more mad because she can't get the book or because I don't have it!  I've been this >< close to a B*N visit all week because -- according to everyone -- they have them.  I'll likely end up there anyway, but I told her to keep my order standing.

Update:  Moments -- moments, I tell you -- after I hit "Publish Now," my bookseller called me to say that perhaps she shouldn't have called me so early this morning.  She just opened a shipment and both copies of the book are there!



Woohoo on the BOOK! Your stash looks...so organized! Good thing you spelled moot right, Norma's on the prowl.


Yeah for the little guy(girl)!

I thought about flashing my stash but there's so much these days I can't bear to think about all the projects I want to be making and I'm not.

I flashed an old bf once - in a trench coat across town in New York City. Do you think the cabby knew? NO! I did NOT take the subway. ;-)

Mary in Boston

Nice stash!!! It's nice to see so much yarn...reminds me of my own stash LOL..

Yay!!! You got the book! I'm getting mine this weekend....and a ball winder...I hope.

Oh, and I finally got a look at the Aran Knitting book, my library found it!!! Copied the pattern for the hat...gonna give it a try...but it looks complicated.

Have a great weekend Vicki!


It's so fun to look at other people's stashes. See how it's stored, what good stuff they have, etc.

I also have a copy of Folk Mitens. (Same with the not noticing the typo for the longest time.)


Nice flash of the stash, baby. I, sob, have nothing substantial to show. And I just called my local bookstore and they still haven't gotten the bookbookbook - due to arrive in March, my ***!


Nice stash, I am very jealous you have the bookbookbook, I still have to track it down in the UK somewhere.


Hi! It's most likely totally not her fault. I used to work at an independent bookstore. The supplier/distributor thing is archaic and it's difficult to know when and how your particular supplier will receive more books. Then you've got to wait until they get to the store. AND, to top that off, the online system if often slow/wrong. It takes patience selling and buying under those circumstances.


I have a copy of Folk Mitens as well (but I think I've seen copies with Folk Mittens on the spine... I think there's a second edition floating around out there.)

Glad you have the book!

Mary Beth

Great stash! What a funny boyfriend story - men! Could you ever imagine doing that? Made me chuckle...


I got flashed by a pervert in Sophomore year waiting for the bus. I think I got to skip school that day.

Great stash shots. Perhaps I will photograph the closet 'o stash later. But it is in several other places too...sigh. Thanks for the kind words regarding the new 'do. It feels good. I am so glad I did it.


Loved seeing some of my old stash in your stash!

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