Stitchless in Wisconsin

Crabby much?

So, for my pity party luncheon yesterday, I had crabby patties generously sprinkled with PMS.  Could you tell?  I don't know why it's like a revelation when I finally make the PMS connection -- I suppose because it doesn't happen every single month.  I'm much better today -- the weather is improving and my computer seems to be a little better.  My mood was improving already yesterday -- your comments and emails were very sweet.  Ann even sent me pictures of HER bleeding hearts!

VolsHrt2Here are mine.  The picture on the left shows Mama Heart kind of at the upper right; there are offspring just to the left of her and at the bottom left (in the garden path) and right, and even they are blooming.  I think I actually spotted another volunteer last night.  I need to get these guys moved.  Aren't they beautiful?  I just love 'em.

PhlThe creeping phlox is starting to bloom, too.  I have them in two beds, one of which isn't looking too good.  They're sure a soft, pretty color, and I love how the flower buds are all twisted up (click to make big so you can see, it's pretty cool).

NotguacHostas!  Here's one that I like to call "not guac."  I keep forgetting what it's called -- it's a miniature, and might have "tiara" in its name.  There's a variety called "guacamole" that I want, but do not have yet.  The tallest shoot of "sum & substance" is about five inches; might this beauty live up to the last half of its name this year?  Most of the other large hosta shoots aren't even half this tall yet.

SumsubI pretty much ignored my computer last night.  I found an interesting article this morning, and this news helped cheer me up yesterday.  It just shouldn't have to be this hard or this aggravating or this (potentially) expensive.  Anyway, I've been using Bonne Marie's geek links a lot, and truly appreciate your suggestions and advice.

DunPlant and pet pics today; perhaps there will be knitting tomorrow.  I don't know exactly how this happened, but here's Duncan sprawled across DH's lap, sleeping with his head cradled in DH's hand.  I'll tell ya, he is one trusting and hangin' loose kitty!  While Duncan snoozed, I worked my way into the second repeat of the last Cromarty sleeve.



Computers, blessing or curse? All this yuck is one reason we segregate our girls onto their own computer (it's the old one and there lucky to have inherited it). But, man the time it takes to keep it functioning.

Can't wait to see Cromarty, it's been on my wish list for years!

Mary in Boston

Awwww, thanks for the Duncan pic...what a cute kitty...

Glad you're feeling better today...sunshine makes me feel better...
Would love to see Cromarty! I bet it's gorgeous!

Gonna try some babie booties this weekend...after I get done cleaning...heh.


Hey! Glad you got an answer on the crappy mood. Love those crabby patties! I'll start screaming my head off over nothing and then it's like a lightbulb goes off and I head to the calendar. Oh! That's what it is!

Take a big picture of your garden - I want to see the whole thing!

General Ginger

Glad to hear that your spirits are higher today. I thoroughly enjoy seeing your plants and animals as well as your knitting. My bleeding heart has doubled in size since I put it in the ground a month ago.


I see from our comments on My Knitting Life that we also have the same taste in children's Christmas literature!! it's really getting creepy ..... I adore that book and it is my all time favorite!


Was it the moon? I was pretty darn PMSy and crabby myself last night!


My pink bleeding heart is recovering from a bad bout of snowitis - I hope it recovers enough to toss out offspring - that would really make my garden!

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