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Crazy day

I had a good Mother's Day.  It was much better than the one when my car burned up in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn while we ate brunch.  That was five years ago and, really, that wasn't so bad, either, because I got more for the burnt up car that I was running into the ground than I would have been able to sell it for and I got a new car out of the deal.  No other vehicles were damaged because, miraculously, something-about-the-transmission and the car rolled into a low spot in the lot and just burned up all by itself.  It was very weird, to say the least.

It's nutso today.  We lost email at work because of something-about-changing-DSL-lines and six-months-as-a-courtesy, so it was a scramble to figure out what the hell was going on and then what to do to fix it!  Ack.  I'll tell you, some companies are not as hip to the fact that it's communication that's key, and making sure that they are understood, not their high-tech, voice-activated answering system.  I don't know about you, but I feel completely idiotic responding to systems like this whether I'm alone or there are people around.  It is unnatural to speak into a phone to a robotic voice prompt that creeps you out by thinking that it kinda-sorta understands.  I never thought I'd say it, but it makes me want to press 1 or 2 and then the star key.  Anyway, none of our email addresses are valid anymore and we did not understand that this was going to happen.  Compounding the problem is that I'm talking with someone not from 'round here and language further complicates/-ed the communication issue.

Over the weekend, I finished a baby bootie and got a great start on the other.  I got another novel about knitting for Mother's Day and a gift certificate for an LYS.  I went out to eat WAY too many times (but it was all good!).  I did some weeding in the garden and that felt great.  It was WARM yesterday!  I watched "Beaches" and "De-Lovely" and only wish I'd have had better success at my home computer stuff and more time for knitting.

My brain is mushy and I'm sure this is a bit disjointed.  Man, all of May is pretty much a whirlwind, but I'm hoping for a few calm patches.  I'm off to read about Aice's Norma's (and everyone's!) Adventures in Wonderland Maryland.



Happy Mother's Day. It sounds much better than the one where your car burned! Congrats on all of that money saved and all those cigs not smoked.


I'm impressed by the voice recognition techology, but those systems tend to infuriate me. Especially when I know I have to speak to a person when I'm calling. So I sit there and whine in my most pathetic voice "I wanna talk to a peeeerrrrrsssooooon!!!".

But I have to admit, that if I were calling from my new cell phone with the terrible keypad buttons, I'd appreciate the voice interface.


Oh, those rotten "up"grades and "imp"rovements. I swear, it's enough to make you want to become a hermit! The only voice activated service that I kind of like is FedEx's, and even that one creeps me out, as you say. But I'm glad you had a pretty good Mother's Day. I did, too. ;-)


Yikes about your car! I've been meaning to say your blinds look great!! I'm so jealous of your skills.


Glad you had a good Mother's Day - you needed it!! :) I agree about the voice activated systems - it is just too weird tlaking to a computer!

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