Graduation 1

Damn Rock Stars

Rock Star
You scored 92%!
You damn rock star. You know all the basics, and if you got any wrong, I bet it was that stupid "You're So Vain" question. Your friends are probably intimidated by your knowledge of classic rock and envy your impressive collection. When a classic rock song comes on the radio, you can probably identify it before the vocals kick in most of the time. You probably get good scores on the "maiden name of Clapton's mom" tests, too.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 66% on notes
Link: The BASIC classic rock Test written by allmydays on Ok Cupid

Honest, I don't know Eric Clapton's mother's maiden name, but I do love classic rock!  It's a fun test that I found at Snooze's the other day -- thanks!

I went to Jazzercise for the second time last night and oh, it hurts so good!  For the record, I did try to go on Saturday morning; somehow a door was inadvertently locked and I was one of about a half-dozen locked out.

Last weekend was the first of two city-wide rummage sales in my burg, so I got an earlier start than planned on Saturday and got my exercise by getting in and out of the car.  I was absolutely thrilled to find yarn at the very first sale -- real wool, even!  It was nothing thrilling and yet it was thrilling (I know you know what I mean), and I bought it all.

I did go to the sale at my LYS last night.  I brought home a bag full of yarn and had fun photographing it, but my computer is acting up again (I give up, my next call is to the Geek Squad) so there are no visual aids today.  I did stick to the plan, pretty much, and most of what I bought is for baby stuff (hats, jackets, booties, bears) -- Rowan Cotton Glace, DK Tweed, Handknit DK Cotton; Debbie Bliss Merino DK and Cotton Cashmere; some Galway worsted for Kool-aid dyeing.  I may have found the ball of Baby Cashmerino (ooh, nice stuff) that Kristyn is looking for, too!



If you know Robert Plant's mother's maiden name you could really drive Anne (how the west was spun) crazy. M and I listen to classic rock while we duel at Tetris. A side contest (who says we are competitive?) is naming that band before the other one. We always have trouble IDing Aerosmith for some odd reason. I guess I ought to check out that quiz and see if I can beat him at that.


and now there's classic rock in common ..... although you scored much higher - I got a 72%.

wanted to stop by with a big congrats - today is our two month quitting anniversary!! yay for us! did you get that email from quitnet this morning?


I'm impressed. I scored 84% and I thought I aced it, you clasic rock queen, you.


Woohoo!! I got 95% I'm an old rocker:-)



Those Springsteen questions were superlame. His mom's maiden name is Zirilli by the way. ;-) (Duh - I looked it up - I'm not that lame!)

Rock out sistah!


88% here. wooohooo!


Hope the computer problems clear up - I did try to take the rock star test - but my norton antivirus popped up - saying a trojan was attacking my computer - and hopefully it did what it's supposed to and blocked entry - it might be the site the rock star test is at, so be careful - trojans can make your computer act weird, slow and wonky. (please don't take this as a complaint - not how it's meant - just a head's up so you don't have more problems - I've been there and hate to see anyone else wonder what the heck is wrong.) The way my DH esplained it to me was, those sites don't give away anything for free, they have a secret mission to try to bust into you're computer while you're playing on their site, blah blah blah (technical term, obviously, I am married to a geek) so if they're not well known, don't go to them. Post some of those LYS aquisitions so we can ooooohhhh and ahhhhh!

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