It's only words...
Crabby much?


Do I have to count the ways in which a day off is better spent than dealing with computer crap?  Spyware, adware, viruses -- the litany of stuff that gets on my computer without my knowledge or consent, slowing my cable connection to the speed of dial-up, that requires me to become geekier than I want to be and/or fork out money to true geeks.  I'm disenchanted with computers and anything having to do with them.  It's just all crap and getting to be too much.

I'm knitting some cool Kool-aid booties and the second sleeve of Cromarty.  I finished Goldie, but the sleeve caps are wonky and they look like Patti LaBelle shoulders after a while.  If a blocking doesn't take care of it, I'll be reknitting them again.

My bleeding heart is starting to bloom (and so are the volunteers), but it's been too darn cold for a good look-see.

My sister is 8 months pregnant and doesn't have a single stretch mark.  What the hell?

I don't frickin' smoke anymore and I guess it's too early to drink.  Guess I'll have to blow some extra-fierce bubbles with my bubble gum!  Maybe I'll have a double.



Mama said there'd be days like this!
I have to confess to giggling at the thought of "extra- fierce" bubbles!

I wish I could give you some helpful advice about the computer stuff, but I'm married to my geek and he keeps things pretty much under control for me.

Sounds like you're getting some knitting done, anyhow!
I can't wait to see a photo of all your knitting progress, and the bleeding hearts in your garden! I love those!

Mary in Boston

Uh oh.

Sounds like someone's having a really bad sorry, Vicki...I know how you're feeling, Spring has been slow to warm up here in Boston too.

On days like these, I like to take long naps and/or read books...(but I rarely get the time.)

Here's a hug for you! ((((((Vicki)))))) It'll get better!


I'm right there with you. Bad days all around. Make mine a Bubblicious with a twist!

Love you!


I have a MAC & a PC. That's why I love the MAC. I never get viruses & it never crashes. They are the best. I have to admit I just ordered a really small Sony laptop...for travel & I need the PC for certain programs!

Take care & have a great week!


~to be read with drill sergeant overtones~

listen you --- just fix the friggin computer. You are not, under any circumstances to give up the computer. I repeat - you must keep blogging.

careful with the gum - you will pull out fillings and that will put you over the edge for sure.

no stretch marks? she will surely have a colicky baby. which will make you feel momentarily better but will all assure you a lifetime of guilt feelings. If she fails to get stretch marks and also has a baby who sleeps through the night, then we will see about getting a gris gris ... the universe will not allow such injustice.

it sounds like it may be time to spend some of the quitting $$$

General Ginger

Tomorrow will be a much better day.


You do need a mac. I'm just sayin'. But If it makes you feel any better, it was 0'C here this morning! I can't say anything to make you feel better about the stretch marks. You are having a bad day. Buy yarn.


Bad day, huh! Just keep blowing those extra fierce bubbles, much better for your health.
Can't help you on the computer front either, sorry!
No stretch marks, no fair, my midwife took great delight in pointing out to her student, which were my "new" stretchmarks when pregnant with no2 son!!
Hope your day get better.


Chocolate - you need chocolate!!! I feel your pain re: computer problems. We had to have the Geek Squad come to save ours (6081 pieces of spyware and the motha' of all viruses!!). I'm sure she has stretch marks - she just hid them from you!!


It's 5 o'clock somewhere....;-)


We run 2 spyware fighters on our computer. One recommended by my geekish son. One by the geek squad guy from Best Buy. Together, with faithful scanning, I keep the BUGS out. :)
Best of all, they are both free. FREE! :)
Double bubble away! Do what you must!
No strangling allowed!


Ugh! Sorry about your pc troubles


I run AdShield, McAfee with its spyware stuff, and the new Microsoft AntiSpyware which is still in beta but has caught stuff the others missed. AdShield is now a for-fee product; I got it when it was freeware, but the definition lists still work with my version. Email me for more info if you're interested.


It's okay, Vicki...breathe, breathe, breathe....


I had adware/spyware problems a couple weeks ago. It was so bad that the IT department took my work computer away for several days, to clean the c drive and reinstall the software. Pretty much made it impossible to get anything done. I've been admonished to cease "recreational" net surfing on the work computer, and run daily AdAware/Microsoft AntiSpyware scans. I feel your pain, Vicki.
Thank goodness for the iMac at home.

Lynne S of Oz

Sounds like a complete bad hair day!
Windoze PCs are trouble. Every little hacker boy sets up bots and viruses and trojans and crap to infect them and make them truly dozy. Install Firefox on your PC and use it instead of IE. It'll help a bit.
Don't use Outlook or Outlook Express as your email client. They often automatically open up executable files, which often contain viruses. Try Eudora or Netmail or popcorn. I can't say which one is best cos I don't have a PC.
(I use Linux on a Mac. I haven't had a virus yet. Nor have I had one whilst running macos)

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