Damn Rock Stars
Thank You For The Music


Middle Sister and I gave Dr. Sister, Ph.D., a concrete chicken for the garden last weekend to celebrate the doctor thing -- a 63-pounder!  I told the "doc" that the chicken was a reminder of how proud we are, crowing about her accomplishments everyday... cockadoodledoo!

I think I'm in love with the Geek Squad.  I am working with them by phone and, though we haven't finished quite yet, I am very happy.  I love that they don't take themselves too seriously.  When's the last time you laughed while on hold for tech support?  Talk of "covert ops" and spy music had me practically giddy!  Jackie and Sandy have both had geek dealings in the past and I think I'll be joining the Knitters-Love-Geeks fan base!

What I really need is a headset for my phone so my hands are free.  I didn't knit a stitch again last night, though I did cast on for a cute little teddy bear at lunchtime yesterday.

I stopped at the LYS again last night and I did not leave empty-handed.  DH picked a terrible time to go out of town and by now, I've rewarded myself well into the future in terms of money saved by quitting smoking!  Still well below the "new recliner" episode, though, and I still have wiggle room if I want to make it "three bags full."  Yes sir, yes sir, I kind of like the sound of that...



if you still have room, you need to fill it!


I highly recommend a phone headset. I've been using my cell phone for long distance (read: longer duration) calls for years now because it's free. The "old" phone came with a free hands-free set so I'd use that. I just got a new phone a couple months ago and splurged on a wireless hands-free. It's awesome! My baby sister can blather away at me for hours and I just knit away!

Mary in Boston

I wanna see the stash enhancements! Please?

Love the chicken statue for your sis...great idea!


I am the geek squad's number one fan! :) I will trust them till the day they pry the computer from my cold hands! :)
Chicken rocks!


What, no pic of the chick? I just did a number on Koigu...I didn't get quite enough at Maryland...Did you see I tagged, wait subjected you to a meme?


Yup - LOVE the Geek Squad!! I want to see the big chicken. :)

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