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Dbathwin21jpg_1I sent these pics to Lauren a while ago, when she was wondering what to do with a window in her new digs.  (Hey, what did you do, Lauren?)  They were still on my computer, so I thought I'd share.  This is my downstairs bathroom and this window is right next to the toilet, so you can understand the need for utmost privacy here.  In my humble opinion, this is magic with lengths of fabric and tension rods.

The white-on-white panel at the bottom of the window has a casing at top and bottom and it's held inside the window frame with two tension rods.  I have made similar panels in lace to use where I didn't need quite so much privacy and, in that case, have often topped them with valances.

Dbathrd2jpgThe panel at the top is much longer than it needs to be and has an extra casing in the middle, as well as a large ruffle at the top.  I love how this looks -- it's dressy, but not too formal.  But it can be formal, depending on the fabric -- or not.  The sun has taken its toll on these, especially the top, so they're going to have to be re-done soon.

The real beauty of these, especially for someone just starting out or renting, is that they can be made for next to nothing.  The "fit" is not crucial, so they can often be used in other rooms, other places; and compared to many other window treatments, they use a minimum of fabric.  I have cut down larger curtain panels, sheets and other fabric that I've found at rummage sales or thrift shops.  The biggest expense might be the tension rods, but they're not a bad investment, either!



My window treatments are gross - and I paid someone to do it! Want to come do mine for me? Your bathroom is nicer than my whole house.


I miss having nice windows to dress, we have outside shutters and no window ledges, yours look cute.


You are so talented! I wish I had you for your artistic eye and ideas, as well as your seemingly boundless energy for these things. Wanna come spend the summer and help me get things straightened out around here?


such a clever girl you are! how is the big quit going? I've had a rough couple of days, but am muddling through - not very gracefully, but through nonetheless.


What a beautiful and clever idea!! Here in the desert we're already hitting 100*. I have solar screens all around the house but I also start putting thermal foil in the windows in the late morning as an added barrier on the south and west side.

These 'curtains' could be made out of a thick material and hung with those rods as temporary treatments.

Great idea. Thanks!!! Kim


I love the way they look!!


I sent you a pic of the window's current state. Your girls are going to be so lucky to have your eye and talent when they move into their own places.


What a nice simple, yet very different treatment. I've never seen that done before.


Lovely! I'm very much into recycling fabric and making window treatments (or whatever) reuseable for something else. Tension rods are the bomb.


Hey! I did the same window treatment with my bathroom. I used a fabric shower curtain from my previous house that wasn't cheap ($30 14 yrs. ago!)... and it looks great!

Keep up the good work on the not smokng!!!! yay for you!

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