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Graduation 1

I believe it was 29 years ago today that I graduated from high school.  My family loved me for my short ceremony, having transferred from a school of 1200 to one of 200 between junior and senior year.  A class of 36 (if I recall correctly) can graduate in 45 minutes, including songs!

Over the weekend, I attended the first of three graduations on my spring calendar.  My baby sister was honored with her Doctor of Education degree.  It was very nice and, even though I wasn't supposed to, I whooped as she was hooded.  It's a big deal!  Now she can relax and have her baby.  Next up, the high school graduations of my niece and second daughter!

We had a lovely dinner at an Italian restaurant in Madison on Saturday night.  Behind us, there were four tables pushed together topped with two very large boards and there were at least 20 people seated around for "traditional spaghetti on a board."  The "spaghetti" was in the middle and everyone just served themselves.  I never heard of this and neither had anyone I was with.  My mother just couldn't help herself and said, to the woman nearest her, "So, you don't use plates??"  Ann, your Boar is Italian, is this a tradition anyplace other than Madison, Wisconsin?  What's up?

There was so little knitting done over the weekend that I have absolutely no business bringing it up.  However, you may recall that I received a gift certificate to an LYS for Mother's Day and I just received news that the shop is being sold and there's a big inventory reduction sale -- it starts today!



A sale AND a gift certificate? You go girl!!


Have fun shopping! I've eaten at a lot of Italian restaurants in my life and I've never heard of spaghetti on a board. I'm not sure I'm picturing it correctly though.

Congratulations to your sister!


Spaghetti on board - how medieval. I've never heard of it either and I grew up surrounded by Italians, although my neighbour did have a polenta table and I believe it is eaten from the table, traditionally ( although I've never seen anyone actually do it) You may as well make a killing at the yarn sale... to knit while waiting for that world peace.


Sale, Sale, have fun, we can't wait to see what you buy.


I have also heard of the polenta on a board but not the spaghetti. Sounds VERY messy but fun!

My kids go to a very small school (k-5th grade) and this year we have a whopping 39 students in the entire school. I always went to really big, anonymous schools, so this is a nice change!

Have FUN at the yarn sale! I can't wait to live vicariously through your stash enhancement, since I've had to call a halt to my OWN stash enhancement lately!


Yay for your sister!!


Oooooo Yarn sale? Run, don't walk! And remember....we want pictures!!!


are you saying that the spaghetti was sitting in the middle of the table without being in a serving dish?? this, I have never heard of!

I will say, being from PA originally and taking my fair share of day trips to Lancaster County, that there is something called 'family style' restaurants where the dishes are served in large bowls/platters and placed in the middle of the table --- just like eating at home.

Mary in Boston

I've seen the family-style type restaurants too, where you pass dishes around, just like at home...but everyone has their own plate to eat from. Never have seen the spaghetti on a board...even in the North End.

By the daughter is going to be in your neck of the woods for 5 weeks this summer...she's dancing at the Milwaukee Ballet Company's summer program...maybe we can meet up for some coffee and knitting? Unless you are nowhere near Milwaukee, then I'll just wave as we fly over...

happy shopping!


This is a big year for your sister---Ph.D and a baby too. Wow! Please give her my congratulations. Also, congratulations to your daughter and niece. Busy time in the neighborhood.

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