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I can move!

Okay, Jazzercise was a blast!  I don't know all the moves (but there's video online, how cool is that?), so I know I didn't get the workout that I could have, but it was enough that I've definitely been reminded of some muscles that had slipped my mind.  There are some "new" options, like using weights and bands, and I like that.  I feel great -- I'll skip it tonight (or I really might need a wheelchair), but will go again on Saturday morning.  My friend said, "I didn't want to like it, but I do!"  ; )

Dsc04379Dsc04378Sweet!  Lesli is a Quitter in GA.  I sent her an atta-girl package a few weeks ago and look, she sent one in return!  Taking my cue from the tins of Starbucks after-coffee mints and after-coffee gum, the photo was taken this morning with my coffee pot as the morning nectar brewed.  The lavender sachet has already been placed in my yarn hamper and I took a big whiff of the soap as I placed it in a dish upstairs -- yum!  She sent a great card, "Woo-Hoo!" and a package of gift cards that I can use, and "365 Knitting Stitches A Year."  Oh yeah, and really good cookies.  Thank you, Lesli!  There have been lots of triggers this week and I've thought about smoking more than I have in a while; I really needed a "Woo-Hoo!"

One of the biggest triggers has been the continuing frustration with my freaking internet connection at home.  I'm sorry for the lack of emails in response to comments, but I'm trying to remain a nonsmoker.  I've run every kind of virus, adware and spyware thing I can think of, plus the "soft restore," and it's still slower than molasses in January, though ever-so-slightly improved last night/this morning.  I finally called Time-Warner this morning to see if there's some overall degradation in my area or something.  Apparently, there was some sort of upgrade in late January and my current modem is no longer compatible; I should have received (didn't) an email about trading it in.  Huh.  I don't know if that will totally fix my problem, but if I can get to their office before 6 tonight, we'll soon find out!



It's best to take it easy at first until you get back into the swing of things. Muscles are not happy when overworked. (As I sit here with a neck ache).


Yea Vicki! I'm glad you received the "Atta-Girl!" So sorry to hear about the computer problems, same here..I haven't been able to get my e-mail for three days! (And Blackberrys are suppose to simplify things?!!! Bah!)

Great work with the Jazzercise! Working out seems to help with the cravings...I personally think its all that crazy Oxygen! Who Knew?!!


Georgie's at home waiting for the cable guy as I write this. It better be fixed before I get home!

Glad jazzercise was good - doesn't it feel good to exercise? I gotta do more of that for sure.


Oh geez I hate sluggish computers. Do you have cable internet available to you? It is well worth the money I assure you.


I had the exact same problem last fall. It took them 3 visits before they figured it out because my modem wasn't on their list of incompatibles. Very frustrating. Got a lot of knitting done waiting for them tho :)


Once you get the hang of all the moves, you'll be able to knit socks whilst exercising! ;)


Everytime you work through one of those craving, it makes you stronger. Here is a big WOOHOO!!!!! from New Hampshire. Way to go Vicki!!!

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