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As much as I can "enjoy" commercials, I have been enjoying Roadrunner's latest featuring Eric Clapton.  Funny thing about Eric Clapton; I never really liked his songs at the time that they were hits, but I like them now.  The unplugged version of Layla is a big fave and, I think, has made me appreciate the plugged version more.  Anyway, I heard a RR commercial on the radio last night and one of the lines was:  'They call him [Eric Clapton] slow-hand... but he's really fast.'  Cracked me up.

If they called me slow-hand, it would be because I'm slow.  I spent a fair amount of time browsing through the pages of Loop-d-Loop last night.  I even searched for suitable needles and yarn to cast on something -- almost anything -- from the book.  In the end, I realized that I don't have anything suitable and I worked on Cromarty instead.  I also (finally) threw Goldie in the washer on the handwash cycle -- Kt's coming home this weekend!

You've seen Loop-d-Loop on d-blogs of late.  Yesterday, Sandy said, "Some kind of different stuff, eh?"  I'm going to have to agree, but I think it's really great stuff.  It's a wonderfully photographed book with very innovative designs -- but not "too out there" designs.  Most of it is stuff that I'd wear or (if I'm a wee "too old") that my grrs would wear.  I am very much reminded of Maggie's Ireland, which I've had in my hands numerous times but which is still not in my knitting library.  I admire Maggie's work, and it is one of the most beautiful books ever, but I would not make or wear much of anything.

On the subject of books and comments, I would wholeheartedly recommend Debbie Bliss Quick Baby Knits as a good, general baby knits book.  I've only made two bootie patterns so far, but there is much more that I'd like to make.  I like the wide variety of projects -- from booties to blankets to sweaters.  I have to admit, Vicki, that I had to wing it at one point with the picot-edge booties because I wasn't sure what the directions were saying, but it all worked out.  Also, I knit the first garter stitch Kool-aid bootie completely blind -- there was no schematic and I had no clue how the stitches I was working on the needle were going to turn into a bootie, but they did.  I usually read through a pattern before I begin, but that doesn't mean I always understand it -- sometimes it's a leap of faith and I just work my way through it.

Dsc04376As hoped, these two have become fast friends.  Tonight, I'm going with one of my "fast friends" (heeee) to Jazzercise.  Y'all remember Jazzercise?  Ai said, "What is this, the '80s?"  (Are y'all laughing at me, too??)  Along with "saving money" from quitting smoking (I don't know where it goes), I'm also, apparently, saving fat (I don't know where it's coming from).  It's only about 7 pounds, but I didn't really have room for that, and I don't want it turning into 14.  Plus, I'm at the age where my body's just changing and doing weird stuff.  I've weighed pretty much the same for years, but lately my belly's like jelly (as is my butt) and my thighs are indescribable; I never used to have to wear a bra, but now I feel like I do -- and it makes some unsightly rolls and bulges. I did go to Jazzercise in the '80s and I had fun -- and it worked!  I'm givin' it a go again -- Hit Me With Your Best Shot!  (They probably don't use that song anymore, but it used to be one of my faves.)


General Ginger

Those two look quite at home together. Hey, if jazzercise worked for you in the past then I say go for it. Maybe they'll also include such great hits as Laura Branagan's Gloria. Hold on, I'm reliving an 80s moment here...


Thanks for the review on the Loop-d-Loop... I need to pick that up!

Good luck with the jazzercise :)

Mary in Boston

Awww, look at the wittle kitty and his doggie...

My newest cat, Manny, LOVES our dog, Sherman...I think Manny thinks Sherman is one ugly cat, but the only other cat in the house that doesn't hiss at him when he rubs up against them. The other two cats really will have nothing to do with Manny, so he plays and sleeps with Sherman...I think Sherman is just confused by it all...

Have fun at Jazzercise...something else you might try that I love is Pilates! Very good for the body...and quite nice for the mind too.


LOVE Pat Benatar - my sister and I were rocking out to Heartbreaker in the mini van today - CLASSIC!


My gym was playing that style of music on Monday. I told my trainer it reminded me of Jazzercise...he had no idea what I meant. Go for it, grrl!


awwwww! I made Daniel look at the picture. It's just too cute.


Awe!! I wish my beagle(I refuse to call her a dog) and cat would become friends. At best he only swats at her 2 or three times a week and I think that means he likes her.

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