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Itty bitty hearts

Dsc04450These itty bitty hearts pack a punch!  There've been plenty of bleeding hearts posted this spring, but I never tire of them.  These are brand new buds.  Not only do the little heart flowers themselves look like their "bleeding," but don't you think that the whole stem looks like it's dripping with or "bleeding" hearts?

Yesterday, I was off to move Kt home from college.  It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, the windows were down as I drove, the wind was blowing through my hair...  on my legs!  I swear.  I was a little lazy last winter; I'm Ms. Natural in a lot of ways, but I don't think I'd get used to that feeling.

Kt was packed up very well by the time I got there.  We grabbed a bite for lunch, started hauling -- only one flight up/down, thank goodness -- and were finished in about an hour and a half.  She checked out and then had to work one last time at her desk job before coming home.

Dsc04452I do believe I have a computer in pretty darn good shape.  I did it myself and I didn't lose a thing except spyware/adware/crap.  I do not regret one single minute or cent that I spent with the geeks in the last week, either.  I learned a lot from them.  Whew!  Now maybe I can get some knitting done!

Happy Weekend.



"Wind in my hair"!! Too funny Vicki!! And the bleeding hearts- Oooooooo Gorgeous!! They do look like they're dripping!
Have a great weekend!!


I got a chuckles thinking about your long, blond leg hair billowing in the breeze!

ps. what is the yellow flower?


I'm endlessly fascinated by those bleeding hearts. I forget about them every year - and then they appear again. But only in one spot where I take pictures (along the water near my building.)

Long hair flowing in the wind - I'd say ewww if you weren't so funny.

Congrats on the computer - quite a sense of accomplisment isn't it?


Hahaha! Too funny!

Kim/Curlie Girl

Pretty, pretty flowers! Enjoy the week-end!


One more thing that makes us alike. I haven't been able to bend over for nearly 5 months! You can imagine the forest I removed last week. The flowers are lovely, thanks for showing them. You deserve some good R&R.


Oh I love those gorgeous bleeding hearts! Thanks for the breath of spring!

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