Stitchless in Wisconsin
Crazy day

Let's focus on something else

I'm trying not to think about a few things:

States east of me that start with M.  Michigan = The closest stop on the Harlot Tour and yet too far.  According to Google Maps, it's 5-1/2 hours from my house to Kalamazoo -- I'll bet it would take half that time (and worth considering) if it wasn't for that stupid lake.  Maryland = Waaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Computers.  I think I'm making progress.  My mouse suffered no abuse last night (and neither did I spend all night with it in my hand).  I'm dedicating the weekend to solving the problem(s) in one manner or another.  I'll also be able to practice my knitting while computing (I've never been very good at it).

Knitting.  I worked on Cromarty and by the end of the night, I'd frogged everything I'd accomplished and more.  Obviously, I still need to practice "reading my knitting."  I'm happy that I'm working a sleeve instead of one of the body pieces.  The good news is that, in the process, I also ripped an additional mistake that I was going to live with, but now I won't have to.  Maybe I just need to loosen up.

Smoking.  My morning Quitnet numbers:  49 days; 983 cigs; 7 days, 12 hours; $171.50.  By this time tomorrow, that cig number will be over a thousand.  One thousand.  1,000.  It's still hard sometimes, but numbers like that motivate me.

On the bright side:

States east of me that start with M.  There will be bloggers galore at both events and I have not yet tired of such tales (or pictures).  There are sure to be antics in Maryland with the list of known attendees being what it is; y'all be sure to spill.  I want people stories sprinkled with pics of cute sheep, gorgeous yarn and breathtaking fiber.  Don't be shy you guys -- if you recognize anyone/anything (a plain vanilla sweater, a tank top setting off metal detectors, Hulda, a sock taking in the sights, an Aran that you know you've seen somewhere before), you walk right up and say hello, rub some shoulders, take some pictures.  No one's going to think you're weird -- you're one more crazy knitter amongst a bunch of crazy knitters!  You know you'll be sorry if you don't.  And I'm counting on you!!

Computers.  Really, if it weren't for computers, I wouldn't be a part of all this fun.

Knitting.  I'm holding down the fort at work today, and that means knitting!  I'm going to practice reading Cromarty and I brought a baby bootie.

Smoking.  Did you see those numbers?  I'm so proud of all the quitters.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day.



Your Quitnet numbers are great, well done you!
Happy Mothers Day to you too.
Me too, I look forward to seeing all the woolly pics after this weekend.
Have a good weekend.


Happy Mother's Day to you, too. I don't even know if I'm going to look at blogs on Monday. I remember post-Rheinbeck. It's like not being invited to the party -very sad.


Happy Mother's Day to you!!! I hope you have a fabu Sunday.


That is fantastic, a 1000 not smoked. I can breathe easy now!


Don't worry, I'm also a Maryland refugee. And my head's been under a rock, so the Harlot stopped by and I didn't know (or maybe I was work travelling).

We'll just have to have a cool blog party this weekend to compensate.


1,000.Wow ! Very well done.Don't even know you and I feel proud of you.
It's the mass blogger get-together that I wish I could be part of.


OMG --- I just checked my silkquit meter - 1001. I cannot fathom this number - can it possibly be true? we are awesome Vicki!


WOW!! The quitnet numbers are really inspiring. I'm sneaking in on the tail end of all the fun at MDS&W, but if I see anyone and can get up enough courage, I'll say hi for you, too!


1000!! That's very cool to see you DIDN'T have that many cigs. Very good. I'm knitting today too and will try not to cry real tears on my yarn. Good luck with that nasty bug!


Howdy, Miss Vicki!

I so wish you had made the leap to Michigan. Ya know how nuts knitters are...? There was a young lovely there all the way from Iowa. Imagine. She drove 7.5 hours. Next time, you come, okay? (We're hoping that bookbookbook2 will have a book tour too, (booktour2? bad pun unintended. Sorry.) and maybe she'll come to Threadbear in Lansing...)

One thousand. Times 10 minutes. 10000 minutes of your life you've bought back by not smoking. So glad you'll be around so much longer!

Happy Mom's Day...



Way to go!! I am proud of you.


My first purchase in Maryland was for you! I saw and knew you had to have it - and it doesn't have anything to do with knitting or wool or sheep! Go figure!

I'm still in Philly - so details on my trip will come later for sure.

Congratulations on an awesome quitting job and Happy Mother's Day!

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