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I am knitting an adorable Bunny of Kate's design in orange Berroco Plush.  It's "papa" size and reminds me of orange sherbet or a Dreamsicle.  Mmmmm, and OMG is it ever soft!  I'm also knitting a Debbie Bliss bear of Rowan Cotton Glace which is tiny and fast, but also tiny and futzy, and sometimes I'm not in the mood (or my hands cramp).  And Cromarty's second sleeve is being worked very, very slowly.  And blocking Goldie didn't help the shoulder problem, so it's draped over a chair while I plot my course.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for a baby to be born because I'm tired of knitting gender-neutral baby things.  I am so hoping to cast on something pink -- with frills or lace.  Due date is June 5th, but my sister's already 75% effaced and the baby is "in position."  Even though my youngest child is about to enter high school, part of me wishes that I was having a baby, too.  Oh, I know I'm nuts, and I'm sure it'll pass...

I believe I'm about two weeks without any nicotine replacement therapy.  I'd just cracked the last box, Step 3, of the patch when my 19-years-quit BIL came to visit again.  While congratulating me on my success and warning me about feeling too confident, he muttered, "Lose the patch."  I don't know why I listen to him, but I do.  So, I lost it.  I had one bad week and a horrible, horrible day, but I'm better and I think I've gone through the worst.  I'm not to the point yet where I wonder why I ever smoked or why I didn't quit years ago -- they tell me that I'll eventually get there -- but the cravings are far fewer and fleeting.  I am managing (key words).  If I can do it, you can, too.  ((hugs))

We've lost Duncan.  It's been over a week and we all miss him.  I keep praying that he'll come back.  I think Mickey is, too.

I've been working on a meme that Katy sent me for hours.  Why can't I easily come up with the answers to these questions when I'm on the spot???  Tomorrow...



I'm sorry about Duncan. I hope he comes home soon.

I so know what you mean about the gender neutral stuff! Good luck to your sister! June 5th is my niece's birthday, so hopefully it'll bring you good luck for pink and frilly. Do you ever really stop wanting babies? Really?



You are awesome! Hope Duncan comes home.


Oh poor Duncan, I too hope he comes back soon.
Congrats on the NO PATCH.
I love the Bunny, he is too cute.
I like Cara's question, do you think you do?


congrats on the no patch! wow, that's quite a step :)

i'm so sorry about duncan. i hope you guys find him.


hey Vicki --- I've got the answer to that babies dilemma. It's puppies! I seem to keep having puppies at two year intervals ... and no episiotomies!


Yea Vicki!!!!! I'm so proud of you!! Big Hugs and Atta Girls!~


I hope Duncan gets his butt home soon. And don't worry about the meme. Dependable Kati from Finland did it. And English isn't even her first language. It's okay. I can let it go. ;)


I'm so proud of you for losing the patch. I hope Duncan is ok. I'll say a prayer for him.


Duncan is probably living the posh life in someone's house. Though I hope he comes home soon!

as for the patch. Congrats!!!


Oh, Duncan...come home. I'm so sorry, Vicki. Having recently lost a pet, I can totally relate. On a lighter note, don't you love that bunny pattern?


I am praying Duncan comes home. You hear about this all the time. are doing so great with not smoking. You deserva a reward...Go yarn shopping!!

Bookish Wendy

Duncan is probably living large on catnip and kitty porn in some neighborhood house! Hopefully he'll get sick of it soon and COME HOME!

The Debbie Bliss Bear...have you told us where the pattern is from? If not, can you? If so, can you beat me over the head and tell me to read your posts more carefully?

Mary in Boston

I am so sorry about Duncan...I hope he's living large with someone as the others have suggested...

My new kitten wants to go out all the time...which is fine if my other two cats are not out with him...they try to chase him off...stupid pets...they do make us worry.

Love the bunny pattern, and congrats on your smoke-free are a fine example....


Praying for Duncan's return. You can hug and hold the new baby soon and the best part is when she/he cries and fusses and poops her pants - you can give her back! I get baby-itis every once in a while and then remember the barely functioning days from those sleepless nights and I get over it. Keep up the good work on the nicotine front.

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