Me me me me meme
Lots of clapping (no knitting)


First of all, I am banking on Duncan having sweet-meowed his way into someone else's back door.  He is such a sweet little kitty, with just the right mixture of sweet & sour, salt & pepper, sugar & spice -- I'm sure he sashayed right into their hearts, too.  Or maybe he's just being macho kitty and living in the bush for a while.  Whatever...  I look forward to his homecoming someday and I sure appreciate that you're all with me on that!

PetsSecond, Wendy, I'm not sure I mentioned the teddy bear pattern before, so thanks for the reminder.  'Tis one from Nursery Knits, by Debbie Bliss, which I scored for a quarter at my local St. Vinny's a while back.  (Woo!)  I'll tell ya, though, I'm loving that Orange Sherbet Dreamsicle Papa Bunny -- I hope to have a pic for you tomorrow, possibly even finished!  This little tower is stuff from the LYS sale destined to become more knitted pets.  The other is just a nice showing of yarn butts.

YarnbuttMore pics from the past couple of weeks will soon be in a new photo album on my sidebar.  I'm calling it NRT (or Nicotine Replacement Therapy) -- it could also be called, When the Cat's Away the Mouse Will Play, because that's what happens when you go off the patch, your LYS has an inventory reduction sale, and your husband goes away all at the same time!  I shall now resume my best behavior.

Headline News:  Senior Awards Night (tonight) at Ai's school -- she has won something, we just don't know what it is yet.  I'll be picking up DH at the airport tomorrow night.  We're heading up north to niece's graduation this weekend.  I'm stopping at Yellow Dog Knitting (whether my family likes it or not) on the way!  I woke up this morning and realized that I have not made arrangements for our Beagle Dog's weekend accommodations!  Crap.



Congratulations Ali! Can't wait to hear what she gets. I'm sure the creamsicle bunny is delicious! Loved your me, me, meme. You're so funny! I love laugh lines too.

Kim/Curlie Girl

Good for Ali...that so exciting. You must all be on pins and needles. Hey, can non-smokers have some NRT too? LOL! Good for more step!


Sounds like your priorities are straight. Go Ali!!


Congrats to Ali. I can't wait to hear what her honor is.


Yay for Ali! ps. have you checked out the cute little bunny slippers pattern in that book? someone on the bunny along made them and they are so sweet. I hope to score a copy of that book myself!


Oh, I can't wait to hear what award Ali won!
Bunnies, yarn and more yarn. NICE.
I'll be thinking of Duncan!

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