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Optimism may bring your kitty home, but it doesn't get you to the knitting store on time!  Darn it.  I never made it to Yellow Dog Knitting in Eau Claire on Friday.  I didn't realize until late Thursday that they closed at 4:00 on Friday (oh, the pressure!) and things just didn't go as smoothly with the grrs getting home from school, delivering the dog to the kennel, grabbing a bite to eat, and hitting the road!  I could have used at least another hour -- so, now I know.  We stopped so I could call, but I didn't have the phone number with me (I had the google map, the address, directions, no number) and trying to reach information from a pay phone is impossible.  I'd had a brief thought about going down on Saturday -- it was only 45 minutes -- but my sister's house was a whirlwind and I don't know what she would have done without me!

We did make it in time for my niece's graduation ceremony on Friday, but due to a time-crunch at even that late hour, there was some primping and changing in the van and/or parking lot/restrooms of Perkins.

Ar004602Don't click on this pic unless you've got a high-speed connection -- I forgot to re-size it, so it's huge.  These are my sister's tulips -- many of them are 3 or 4 flowers to a stem!  Her home looked very nice for festivities -- my brother-in-law is looking forward to "no projects in the month of July" and lots of fishing!

Thank you all for your kind words about Duncan.  If anyone thought that he'd done anything other than wander off for an adolescent toot, it wasn't ever articulated.  Even Ai's friends were encouraging and hopeful about his return.  I've enjoyed the comments about "wild oats," but wonder, really, how many wild oats a fixed little kitty has to sow?  And what's the attraction with the little friend -- who turns up now and then at the back door, but who is frightfully shy and likely feral?  It's obvious that Duncan didn't sweet talk his way into anyone's back door because he's so thin and, lordy, if he had, they'd have probably given him the boot because he's so loud and insistent!  I suppose he's just expressing his happiness and letting us know that he missed all the lovin' (and the full food dish).  Meow.

Oh, a little knitting -- not much!  I finished knitting Kate Gilbert's Papa Bunny and sewed the leg and ear seams, but need to embroider and fill before I call him finished.  I'm very happy.  Other than that, I'm only swatching.  Speaking of happy -- go tell Kate how happy you are for her, #1) cuz she's gonna have a baby, #2) cuz she gets to hobnob with knitbloggers on an international level, and #3) because it is her design that will grace the cover of Interweave Knits Fall 2005 (preview here) (thanks to Natalie at Keeping Me in Stitches for the link).



So glad about the little guy returning home - he now knows he's got it good where he lives. (And there was a lot of international karma bringing him home) i just found another lost one last night - or should I say, she found me.

General Ginger

Wow! Thanks for posting that gorgeous tulip shot. Your sister's flowers are fantastic.



I was waiting on pins and needles for you to stop by! I would have stayed open for you! I was here until 4:30 anyway! Oh well, next time. I think you should grab some girlfriends and make a roadtrip! Did you hear the news that Maggie Jackson of Maggie's Ireland is coming in Aug?



Awww, glad to hear that your kitty is home safe and sound. My kitty got locked in a neighbor's garage over a three day weekend once and she came back in the same condition, skinny and ticked off about it! She does tend to stick close to home now though!


I'm so glad that Duncan is back with you. Ooooooh, he is just the cutest!

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