Happy Weekend

Sounds familiar

Squitten_1We interrupt Memorial Day (it's winding down, anyway, having finished our fry out) for a special announcement.  Duncan has returned home -- very vocally and quite thin.  He had a friend with him at the back door when he meowed -- instantly recognized even though his voice is lower (was this all due to adolesence?) -- but I think we scared him/her off with our exuberance at the boy's return.  Ai was upstairs; I told her to stop when she reached the landing, and to listen...  I'll let you imagine the shrieks of joy!



The poor thing.I can imagine how glad you were to see him. And how long was he gone? Big sigh huh?


oh i'm so glad he came back home! and it sounds like he's OK other than having lost a little weight. what a great way to end a long weekend :)


Won't take long to fatten him up!
I could practically hear the shrieks of joy from here!


I'm so happy for you! How's Mickey taking it?



Mary in Bostpn

Yay!!!! I was shrieking here too! So glad the prodigal son came home...now maybe he'll stick closer!

Mary in Boston

Yay!!!! I was shrieking here too! So glad the prodigal son came home...now maybe he'll stick closer!


Happy day! I'm glad he's home, safe. I'm sure he'll be up to fighting weight in no time!


Hooray for kitty homecomings!


I'm so glad he came home!


Obviously Duncan knows a good fry out when he smells one! Glad to hear the good news!


I am so pleased to hear he came home, was Mickey pleased to see him too?


Thank goodness he's ok. I wonder who his friend was?


WELL DONE DUNCAN! he found his little way home!!!!

Lynne S of Oz

Hooray for Duncan finding his way home! He's obviously not had a lot to eat (unlike my two porkers!) so noone else adopted him!


I'm so glad that Duncan did return and that he appears to be just fine!!


Yup, I'd say adolescence. The little stinker. Hopefully he sowed enough wild oats and will stay home now!


what happy news! I wonder if his friend will come back?


What a relief. If they only knew how we care...or do you think that wouldn't matter to them at all?


Hooray is right! So now does he get the fancy cat food on a little silver tray?? He's probably as glad to be home as you are to have him.


Yay! So glad to hear he made it back!


I once had a cat take a 29 day walk-about. I had completely given up hope when he finally came home. I cried tears of joy to see him again. And I'm not one who cries easily or often. I'm glad your kitty came home.


YAY! Maybe his friend was just his escort, lol...

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