Itty bitty hearts

Thank You For The Music

Dsc04444'Twas the spring choral concert at the high school last night, so Ai's last.  It was long and, unfortunately, too much that was uninspired, but those kids know how to redeem themselves with a big finish!  First, they sang "America The Beautiful" and "The Awakening," both of which were performed at a choral festival last fall -- lovely!  The spring concert is always a tough one for the director, but it's hard for the kids (seniors), too, and there were tears with the presentation of flowers and the scrapbook they made to hold her collection of senior photos from the last 10 years!  But then they rolled out a chair for her and sang her a song:  "Thank You For The Music."  It was upbeat and sung from the heart -- that was an inspired song!  They had only practiced a few times -- whenever they had a particular substitute teacher -- oh, and there were more tears!  Forget-me-not...

Dsc04441Dsc04447I spent a little time on the phone with the Geek Squad before the concert.  Um, feeling the love not-so-much with last night's geek.  There has been improvement, but performance is not quite acceptable yet (and I am not expecting miracles nor, I guess, am I to expect perfection).  I'm inclined to take a computer break tonight and take it up tomorrow -- my day off, but also Kt's moving-home day!

I flew home and snapped some garden pics -- I've been enjoying Chelsea's pics (the pansies are to die for) and links.  Compare the photo at left with this one (slightly narrower view) from two weeks ago.  That bleeding heart almost reaches my shoulders, and all the itty-bitty heart blossoms...  Wow!


Emergency Baby Cashmerino -- in the mail for you tomorrow, Kristyn!  Rowan Cotton Glace -- destined to become teddy bears.  The top ball is already being transformed.

R.I.P. Frank "The Riddler" Gorshin.  Hee, take a look at some of those movie titles.



Gorgeous spring photos Vicki!


The garden is blooming! Thanks for sharing. I love the bleeding hearts - isn't it amazing what nature can do?


So glad you got good pictures of Forget Me (K)nots...mine just didn't come out. They are such a pretty blue.


Love the flowers! Spring is really glorious!
I am sorry that the geek of the moment was less than stupendous. By the way, my geek was visiting my home. Worth every penny, in my humble opinion.
what's money, after all?
Emergency baby cashmerino. Yes. It should be an emergency for everyone to get some fast! :)


Are those Forget Me Nots...those were all over the place in Alaska...state flower and all. Fireweed was my other favorite there.


I love your walled garden!!

Lynne S of Oz

Wow - bleeding hearts grow that big? Ours were only ever ankle high... so pretty!


Hi Vicki...I can relate to the concert thing. This is Ben's last high school gig, too. And, our last of five kids' worth! Your gardens are looking great. My bleeding heart pooped out this spring and did not give such a beautiful performance as yours. Have a great weekend!


Your flowers are lovely, what a cool garden.
Have a good weekend!

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