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My DH is flying to SoCal this morning to spend two weeks helping his dad build a "playhouse" in the backyard.  This playhouse thing is something in my DH's blood.  We were talking about his trip this morning and he told me that he had two stops -- one in Minneapolis and the other in Salt Lake City.  You know what I thought about, don't you?  My knit blog friends in those places (say "Hi" to Margene)!

Boot2Boot1I rushed around this morning and had time to photograph the booties.  I finished last night -- ends woven in and everything (and man, there were a LOT of ends).  That's thread-needled coreopsis on the right and the glorious creeping phlox on the left.  DH was watching and was humored.  He saw me put the booties in the phlox and aim the camera.  "Wait!!"  He repositioned the booties and said, "Take that picture from over here!"  Then I laughed -- how do you like that, I've got my own blog photo stylist, my own knit blog art director!

Anyway, I love these booties.  I'll update the photo album with complete specs, but for starters:  Plymouth Galway Worsted, Kool-aid dyed with Lizbeth Upitis during at Spring Midwest Masters seminar, US3 needle, another pattern from Debbie Bliss Quick Baby Knits.

LoopyYou know that $170-plus that I've "saved" since I quit smoking?  I don't actually have a single dime stashed because I keep buying myself rewards like this.  I'm probably even in the hole on that account, if you want to get technical.  These two arrived in my mailbox on Friday or Saturday.  I really have enough in the realm of baby knit books now and I should stop.  Now.  I'll never be able to stop buying books like Loop-d-Loop, though.  Never.



Ooooh those booties are soo cute, I love your garden pictures, hear, hear for photo stylists!
Cool knitting books, you can never have enough.
I was thinking, if you haven't smoked 1000 cigarettes, does that mean you have gained around 5000 minutes of time in the last 7 weeks?


That's ok on the "balance sheet" -- think of it as you're buying your health. Boy, more and more people are buying that Loop-d-Loop book. I guess I have to see it.


I'm with Norma, just remember, you're buying your health. If your stash grows a bit, it makes sense, you have to expand it beyond your new, longer, life expectancy.


Ohh, I do so like the comment by Anmiryarn. I heartily second it :-)


The bootees are adorable. What a good auntie you are. I love phlox--it is so easy to maintain. :) And looks so pretty. Keep buying books!


Seriously cute booties!


They're glowing in the phlox aren't they? I love photos of knits with flowers!


Those booties are so cuuuuute! :D


WAY cool booties!
I've got to get me that book with all the babies cropping up in my life right now.

General Ginger

Those booties are very cute indeed. Isn't it wonderful to haver your very own husband/knit blog stylist? Mine helped me out with the the giant toy spider photoshoot earlier this year and I don't think I've ever had more fun photographing knitting.


the booties are great - such wonderful colors! and I too don't have a single cent saved - what the hell? where is all this money?? have I been buying myself rewards??? I don't remember any/many ......


Rumor has it that the Debbie Bliss patterns are difficult to read. However, I'm looking for a good baby bootie pattern. Would you recommend this one? I'm trying to figure out which of her books to buy.


lol! Same here about not saving $$$ from not Loop-d-Loop and others arrived on Sat! Great minds....

(Love, love love the baby booties-too cute!!)


Cute booties! and you may as well spend your money on something you love;-)


Those booties are adorable! And the flowers divine!
congrats on the continued non smoking. I am proud!
I have never seen that book before! Some kind of different stuff, eh?


Isn't that Loop de Loop the bomb? I just love looking at the patterns - I might not knit all of them - but most of the patterns look like so much fun. Sophisticated and beautiful.

The booties are lovely - especially in their settings. Have an art director is quite a luxury. I go crazy figuring out my shoots.


Love the booties - and I'm trying to figure out yarn for (a specific) design in Loop-D-Loop... love that book.

(I'll wave in the direction of the Minneapolis airport at your hubby!)


The booties are adorable! I'm going to have to get this book to see what I can find for my new grandson. :)
I know you told me what part of Wisconsin you live, but I forgot---so, all the way to Eau Claire (where we are staying for the night), I waived to you---. We'll be leaving here tomorrow and continue up to Superior and on to Two Harbors by tomorrow afternoon. Continued success on the "smoke-out". Great photos in the garden!!!

Kim/Curlie Girl

Oh, the booties in the phlox look yummy...and keep buying yourself totally deserve it!


Loop-d-loop seems like a great book. I saw it at the bookstore one night; the following day it was already gone. But really, the ones I'm looking forward to are Sarah Dallas' and Nicky Epstein's.


Loop-d-loop seems like a great book. I saw it at the bookstore one night; the following day it was already gone. But really, the ones I'm looking forward to are Sarah Dallas' and Nicky Epstein's.


My husband takes all of my pictures for me. He's VERY serious about it and I can't help but laugh.

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