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EasterbroI wish to put Lesli's mind at ease -- my little brother was definitely not in polka dots.  Is he not the cutest little thing you ever did see?  The little jacket and hat and bow-tie?  After I posted yesterday, I realized that my mom was probably pregnant with her fifth and last in this photo -- I'm not sure that she knew it yet.

Your comments made me smile and think of so many other things!  My mother did not know all those years ago that she was going to have twins.  She'd been to the doctor for a routine visit the previous day and he'd sent her home, predicting a big boy born mid-July.  "Andrea" of the jaunty hat (see yesterday's photo) was born first.  They were waiting for the afterbirth.  And waiting and waiting and waiting... and what do you know!  It's another baby!  "Leslie" was born 30 minutes later.  The names have been changed to protect the innocent -- I often think of them as Andrea and Leslie, though, because those were considered -- after our grandfathers, Andrew and Lester.

Leslie was quite small and in the hospital for a week because of underdeveloped lungs.  They developed quite nicely, thank you, and she caught up quite well in size, also.  She's my sister quit buddy!  Andrea and I are a lot alike and, you're right Ann, people would often guess that we were the twins when we'd play our little game.

Dsc04892 Dsc04893I am finished with the bootie knitting for a while.  Details of these are in the finished album in the sidebar -- the knitting just dragged on and on.  They're supposed to look like bunnies, and I knitted all the ear parts, too, but I just couldn't work on these for one more minute!  These will adorn the feet of young McKinley this weekend.

The booties are photographed on one of two Blue Angel hostas that are positioned on either side of a brick walkway that leads to our front door.  The hostas are each crowding their neighboring astilbe and something's going to have to be moved.  Yowza, these leaves are bigger than my head.  I love 'em!  The size, color, texture -- gorgeous!  Even though I haven't been a big fan of the weather this year, my gardens have almost never looked better!

I have started something new -- Grumperina's Tivoli t-shirt.  I'm not all that sure that it will suit me when finished, but Mdd is a likely runner-up recipient.  I'm using Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere and it's very, very red (otherwise, Kt & Ai would be good candidates) and oh, so wonderfully soft.  I have never knit a garment in the round before, so this is a FIRST.  If I'm to tackle Rogue or Fibonacci, I'm going to have to be able to do this comfortably.  I did not have a small enough circular needle to begin, but I did have two of the same size.  Cara, can you guess what I did?  It isn't a sock, but it's in the round, on two circs, right here, right now!!



YAY for two circulars - we'll have you doing socks that way in no time. Are you the oldest then? Me too. Knew there was something I liked about you! ;-)



Oh my gosh...the booties look like miniatures on those leaves. How big do they actually get? I want one of those hostages too!

After my mom was delivered baby number four, (and they thought it would be huge in spite of it being early) the nurse was pressuring her to deliver the placenta. She went to press down on Mom's abdomen, when my mother reached out, swore at her, and threw the nurse back. The doctor peered closely and sure enough...baby number five.

We have referred to my brother Mike as 'the afterbirth' from time to time...And then there were two more several years later.

I'm the oldest. As my father insisted after my mother died, the "Matriarch" of the family. I had impolite words for him.

I'm looking at Tivoli too...and wondering if I can up it to 44" from the 39" pattern. Hmmm.



Hmm... perhaps I could modify that pattern to make the cap sleeves just slightly longer. That would be pahfect! Thanks for the link.

Kim/Curlie Girl

WOW! Those are the biggest hostas I have ever seen...or either the smallest booties...hehe!


Your brother IS the cutest little thing ever!! And very dapper in his hat too!

I can't believe how HUGE your Hostas are! And gorgeous! We still have the baby ones around here. How long have you been growing those?

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