A boy with no name
Happy Birthday x2

He ain't heavy

...he's my brother.  Huh?  Not Tito?  Did anyone else see Donny Osmond's spot for Sprint?  I thought he it was pretty cute.  Okay, okay, I really do think Donny's cute (okay, okay, I always have)!  Hasn't he let well enough alone and aged a hugamillitrillion times better than someone else we know who was also on TV yesterday?

Boy With No Name was supposed to have a moniker by day's end yesterday, but I have not yet been enlightened.  I talked with one of his big brothers and his mom last night, and heard him coo and gurgle!  Awww, he sounds adorable.  I've been told that there's room to grow with Mr. Dashwood, but Opptuna may be this fall's attire, rather than next spring's as I'd imagined.  The baby bunny bootie knitting is complete; sewing and pompom yet to do; delivery this weekend!  I can't wait to see him!  I'm thinking a little Weasley Sweater for Christmas.  His big brothers are huge Harry Potter fans and they'd get a kick out of it, too.

I dropped the knitting like a hot potato when Target called to say that my new glasses were in!  DH came along for the ride and was easily persuaded to look at and buy me a Virgin Mobile phone... for the trip...

We also went to Home Depot to look at tubs and tile.  Semi-emergency downstairs bathroom remodeling has elbowed its way onto the schedule after a little side wall cave-in recently.  Apparently, the incorrect backing for tile was used when we first remodeled this bathroom (I'm not naming any names) and, unknown to us, the grrs have been leaning against that wall during their showers!  I was pointing out problems with the tile a while ago, contemplating solutions, but not getting much reaction, so I'm not too put out about it.  Something caves in, it gets attention!  Timing could be better, but hey, it could be worse.  We're thinking whirlpool...



I just saw that commercial last night! I never thought Donny was cute but one of my sister's classmates was sooo in love with him that she wore purple everything because purple was his favorite color.


Hey! I've got a problem tile in my bathroom too - want to come over and fix it?

Never was a big Osmond fan - but I do have purple socks! ;-)


Vicki...I really like your new design.

I think Donny is cute also. I can't belive about Michael Jackson. I'm shocked. Do you think he payed a mighty price to get off?


Boar and I like to go on Home Depot dates - in my book, they're second only to Costco dates. (yes, we really do lead exciting lives)


Ahhhh he still does things to me now........My bedroom was all purple when I was a teenager, just in case he called.


I went several days without a name! My mom and dad argued about if I should be named Bonnie or Kristyn. My dad had named my older brother and my mother said it was her turn (she wanted Kristyn). One day, the nurses came in and said they HAD to have a name - NOW. So, I'm Kristyn because my dad wasn't there at the time:)


Ohh, a wee little weasley sweater would be so adorable!

And yes, I too had the Donny Osmond love when I was young. I don't have any purple socks these days though. Maybe I need to knit a pair for old time's sake.


I thought Donny was pretty cute then and as you say, he has aged well. Must be that clean Mormon living - or good genes.
A miniature Weasley is a great idea!...and as for bathroom renos...around our house, we also put these things off until distaster strikes and we can't wait any longer. This method, while not ideal, seems to work for us!

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