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Hey buddy, can you spare a button?


If you're knitting RED and you'd like a button, please feel free to copy this one to your server and then post it proudly.  Bust your buttons, people!  And leave a comment, if you please (I'll need email and/or blog), about knitting with red or about hostas or babies or whatever, and I'll make this into a contest.  I'm not sure when the deadline will be, but the prize will probably be from NYC!

That's my Tivoli T-shirt, by the way, and the stitch marker is one that Susie sent me.  Y'all know how hard it is to take a picture of something red, so you'll have to trust me, it's RED!

I'm off to meet my nephew.  Happy weekend.



I'm knitting RED! (But you know that already!) A Flower Basket Shawl in Black Sheep Cotton Fine. But I don't want to be in the contest. Not fair since I plan to pick out the prize!!! ;-)

(Oh and I've already ripped out what's in the picture and reknitted the whole thing back. CRAZY!)

Lee Ann

I knit a Clapotis in a custom-dyed-to-be-more-red silk and wool blend, and red is one of my fave colours. I have to decide which yarn to use for the Goddess Tank, but I plan on knitting that in red. Cara sent me her copy of the pattern, and after Frankentank, that's the next Yowsa That Really Fits knit. Red rocks. When I figure out which yarn I'll use, I'm going to cop that button for my very own...thanks for doing it! I've been on a major blue kick, but red...well...we know what red does to a person...zoom zoom :-)


What yarn is your Tivoli? Also, did you have to alter the pattern for size? (I'm so not a 39" bust)

I want to knit red now!


Have fun with your new little nephew this weekend. Oh, does orange count? Just kidding. Would love to knit something in red. Will have to think about it.

Eilene I need to start knitting somethuing red now! :-)

Kim/Curlie Girl

I'm knitting RED too! A RED blallet wrap, pattern by Interweave Spring 2005, and it's been neglected for too long!

Have a great week-end!


Well I did plan to be knitting something red, but they had none I liked, so am knitting my One Skein Wonder in pink instead. (I am sewing a red bag though!)
Have a great weekend.


I'm knitting my Chamomile in red...I'm in!


Hi! Margene sent me, because I'm knitting a pair of red socks. I also have a plan for a red shawl. Since red is my favorite color, it is no hardship to knit something red. I have to remind myself there are other colors - hee!


I'm knitting red! Here's my mystery lace stole:

These photos haven't made it on to the blog yet. This is a sneak preview just for you!


I am knitting RED too - a Lace Leaf Shawl in a red/black hand dyed rayon I picked up at MS&W. I am home from work today and think I might be able to finish it. You can see pics of my progess on my blog.


I like the button, probably too late for the list but here goes: red baby blanket, A Good Bias and recently three shrugs. I really tried to knit my Silk Corset in red, but so far the only gauge I got was in my Silk Garden (the red was gone when I got there.)

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