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I've got a new man

Dsc04929rDsc04931r_1Ever had your heart stolen in an instant?

Meet my new nephew, McKinley Donovan; his grandpa's already calling him Big Mac, I'm partial to 'Kinley, but even Poopy Butt is endearing at certain times.

Dsc04949close_1I spent the weekend helping my sister, the mother of a newborn -- that's right up there with being the mother of a newborn on the sleep depravation chart, but without the preceding labor and delivery, the c-section recovery, the nursing...  Okay, it isn't even close!  However, I am now well aware that it isn't all food all the time on the Food Channel -- in the wee, wee hours of the morning, it's Lauren Hutton makeup and Kenny Rogers Superstars of Country infomercials.  Perhaps it was my dozing-with-a-newborn daze, but both products looked pretty darn good!

'Kinley went on his first outing to the farmer's market on Saturday and met one of last week's birthday aunties.  On Saturday afternoon, the grrs helped me unpackage onesies and sleepers, blankets and burp cloths, and ready them for the laundry.  While my sister had an afternoon rest, the little man rested, too, while I sorted cards, gift bags, tissue paper -- tried to do a few little things around the house.

Originally, I'd intended to just stay overnight on Friday, but it was clear that my presence was very reassuring to my sister and I stayed over on Saturday, too.  The little guy is a mighty arm-twister, too!  I can still recall the relief I felt when my mom came to visit when Kt was six weeks old -- Oh.My.God, you can DO that?  How much more relaxed might I have been if she'd been able to visit a little sooner?  I know that's what I was able to do for my sister -- her eyes just about popped out of her head a few times, even the swift change of a diaper (I haven't lost my touch -- is it like riding a bicycle?) was noted.  Yeah, the little guy is fragile and you've got to be careful, but he's not made of glass.

Dsc04922rDsc04935rOh, lookit, it's a Tanguy hat and it fits perfectly!  They were all beside themselves with the cuteness of that hat on an actual baby head!  My BIL wants one for himself and, really, he didn't even drop a hint, he just came right out and asked if he could have one for Christmas.  Thanks to Kate and her wonderful pattern with sizes from newborn to XL adult, I'll be able to grant that request.  One of 'Kinley's big brothers is an excellent candidate for such a hat, as well, so there will likely be an array of coordinating Tanguy hats adorning heads this winter!

On Sunday, we took 'Kinley to Target to return one of the many breast pumps that my BIL had brought home from an emergency shopping excursion on Friday.  We had one to return to ToysRUs, also, but Target was enough for the little man!

It was a great weekend, I wish I could have stayed a week.  There were tears.  They'll be coming up here next week, though.

The photo of 'Kinley's feet has already been made my computer wallpaper; Ai has one photo of him as wallpaper on her new camera phone and another as the screen saver!  Ai passed her old phone, temporarily, to Mdd.  It may or may not be replaced by the new phone that I acquired last week -- my first cell phone!  I could not resist downloading Billy Joel's New York State of Mind as my ringtone...  Yeehaw, I'm going to NYC in two days!  (I should probaby axe the "Yeehaw" before I go, huh?)



Hi Vickie, 'Kinley is beautiful! He's too little to call him handsome:) I know your sister was extremely grateful for you coming in and helping her so much. Isn't it hard to leave the little ones? I miss not seeing my little guy because I know he has changed so much---and I can't get my son-in-law to send me a picture every day! I know I'm not asking too much for him to do that :) Just kidding, of course. Love the little hat! Have fun in NYC!


I love Big Mac. And I love that baby. Gawd, I love babies. He is so alert in that big picture. What a cutie. Congrats!


These pictures give me the warm fuzzies! Sweet newborn face!


Ooh, I love the nickname Kinley! I love the nickname Mac too... my son's best friends' name is Mac.

Congrats Auntie! :):)


Congratulations, Auntie! He's adorable, and I love the Tanguy hat on him. The colors are just perfect for a baby, not too babyish but not too garish.


Ooh, he is soooo cute, I love him in his Tanguy hat.
Have fun in NYC.


Just teach those NYers a new language...I'd love to hear Cara say yeehaw! LOL
The guy you spent the weekend with is cuter than the guys I spent the weekend with;-)


OMG, he's adorable! And that hat -- just makes you wanna eat 'im up! Love the colors.

Mary Fran

He is so absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you and your whole family. The hat is perfect on him.


He is sooooo beautiful!! Best of wishes to all!


he is adorable --- I love the pic of his feet!! (and the hat is wonderful too!) congrats to you and your sister!


Vicki, He's sooooooo cute! Congratulations to you and your sister-Love the hat on him too! And that photo-you really should enter it in a contest-Just beautiful!


That is one beautiful baby! I know I will be pulling your blog up later to show my daughter. Who can resist another chance to gaze on that adorable face and go awwwwwww over those perfectly tiny feet? The hat on a baby is an absolute hoot. No wonder everyone wants one now. I'm sure your sister felt very blessed to have your help.


How precious!!! Congrats!


Oh my...what a cutie pie!!


cute, cute, cute. I've been watching a lot of interesting tv in the wee hours as well. ;)


What a handsome little fella. That is a nice strong name too. I am sure your sister appreciated you being there. Congrats to all of you!!!


What a darling boy!


There is nothing like a baby smell~! And I'm not talking poopy butt either! :)
He is beautiful! Congratulations!
I remember when Bethany was born, the doctor came into the hospital room, took her by the ankles and held her upside down. Luckily, she was my 2nd child and I was not fazed. I knew she'd hold up okay. He told me he does that to show parents that their baby will not break. (handled with love, of course!)
Enjoy your baby knitting!


Awwwww! Love, love, LOVE the tiny feet. Congratulations, Vicki!


He's GORGEOUS! I love that we both have baby boys now! Sure, girls clothes are cuter, but we have a challenge ahead of us. Glad you could be there for your sister - I know how much mine appreciates me. (I spent the weekend building Ikea furniture for the playroom.)

Two DAYS! Oh and you can tell Margene not to hold her breath! Yeehaw. You forget, I'm originally from Philly. They shoot you for saying things like that. ;-)


He's adorable:) I just love new babies--I have a new nephew myself and I'm going to Western New York to see him next week. That hat is just darling.


That baby is just precious! Look at those little feet - and sleeping face -- oh my -- he's just so sweet :)


Congratulations on being an Aunt! He is absolutely heart stealing!

Maggie Ann

What a precious little man. We have a 16 month old grandson, and your wonderful pictures touch memory chords. What a handsome nephew you have there. Sounds like you are a first class Aunt!! Congratulations. I've had a great time visiting your blog = )


sweetest baby feet ever. They need some lise booties to keep them warm!


Love the photos of the New Man!

Bookish Wendy

Man, he is so cute you could almost eat him....

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