A day without Margene...
Is it time for my bath?

Got Pepper?

I love Anna's Sargeant Pepper so much that it brings tears to my eyes.  I am absolutely astounded by her creativity and this is one of the best things I've seen in a long time -- it makes me happy on so many levels.  Doesn't hurt that I've been a huge Beatles fan forever, that a babysitter took me to see HELP when I was in second grade, that one of my most precious memories is when my brother sang "Hey, Jude" to our mom over his new walkie talkies on Christmas morning one year.  All those things and more, PLUS astounding creativity, and I'm swooning.  Anyway, Anna is generously offering a free download of the pattern, for a limited time, so if you're interested head on over and don't forget to say thank you!

Now, mention Ch*rlie & The Chocol*te F*ctory and it's the complete opposite.  I can't even link to it -- I can't stand the styling and how people look in that movie and can't imagine that I'd ever be able to sit through it because I can't look at it.  It's like Stepford Wives meets Willie Wonka.  Ick.  Ai went to see it at midnight with a bunch of her friends and she really liked it.  I know I'm going to have to see it eventually because the grrs are such huge JD fans.

I am coming up on the end of the first two balls of Cash Iroha and have about 3 inches to go before calling the first sleeve of Williamsro finished.  When I first started knitting with that stuff, I wasn't so sure, but the more I knit, the more I love it.  I want it next to my skin!!

Monday will mark 4 months smoke-free.  I had a Quitnet email this morning with some darn impressive numbers... 119 days, 2838 cigarettes not smoked (OMG!), and over $400 "saved."  I can send in my receipts to be reimbursed for the patches I bought.  I lost the first receipt, though, being a little disoriented, but two is better than none!  I still have most of a box of patches, too, since I quit that a bit early.  I don't know what to do with them.  One of the guys at work quit cold turkey a couple of weeks ago, and so did his wife (dunno, don't think she was ready); he said something about how you'd think they'd be seeing a difference in their wallet...  I just laughed and told him how I've been rewarding myself and that I've been rewarded well into the future!  Anyway, YayForUs!!!  (You know who you are!)

Mdd leaves for camp on Sunday.  Kt is leaving for Toronto with a friend on Tuesday (her friend is checking out a school there) -- same friend that was going to school in Boston last year; Kt may see the world just visiting this friend wherever she ends up piecing together an education.  For much of the week, it'll just be Ai at home.  This has been a very different summer.  I don't like it, but I may as well get used to it.  They're all getting so busy -- even my baby! -- getting on with their own lives, and it's so hard to plan stuff.  On the bright side, my favorite little man is coming to visit late next week and I can't wait!



Whoo-hoo on the no cigarettes!


That sweater is unbelievable. I love the Beatles too...they remind me of my brothers and many fond memories of laying on the floor listening to speakers up close. Pouring over the album covers...

Not sure how I feel about the new movie either. My mom and I were just discussing it. From the ads, I don't care for JD's characters look. And I like him too. We'll see...the kids would rather see Fantastic Four. And, of course, we gotta get the book tonight.


Wow I'm impressed by her sweater. I have yet to design anything on my own.

Congrats on your quit smoking stats!!!! Wooohooo!!


As for Willy Wonka - well, Tim Burton's movies are always a little creepy weird, I felt the same way about James and the Giant Peach...interesting and well done but there is a definite ick factor. I'm glad someone agrees with me, my own family doesn't know what I'm talking about. Now Johnny Depp however....


I don't know what I think about the new Charlie and the Chocolate factory movie. I'm such a fan on Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka I am pretty convinced I'm going to hate this one. Plus the make up on Johnny Depp gives me the creeps.

Congratulations on the 4 smoke free months!

Kim/Curlie Girl

Congrats on 4 months smoke free...that's awesome!

And no, I don't like the styling of Charlie etc...either. It just looks overdone and creepy, but I guess that Tim Burton's marker.

Mary Beth

Thanks for the link to SP - sometimes the creativity of knitters is just astounding. Have fun with little man!


If you can't think of what to do with the patches to the point they are getting ready to expire, you can always go to www.freecycle.com , and see if there is a freecycle comunity in your area, and give them to somone who wants them


Congratulations on being smoke free!! Good for you! Went to see "Charlie" last night with #2 son and we both enjoyed it. Despite my reservations about it, it turned out to be very interesting since there were elements of Wonka in it but it seemed to be a different story, much like different versions of fairy tales out there... Have a good time and enjoy the ride.

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