I wear my sunglasses... night.  Do you know it?  That song *is* the '80s -- and just makes me think "pouty."

With Mdd at camp this week and Kt having left for Toronto at 6:00 this morning, I won't be photographing the grrs together for a while.  Perhaps you couldn't see Mdd's haircut very well in the weekend photo, but I think you'll agree that it's shorter, very blonde, and quite cute.  Her roots are starting to show and they look much darker than I remember.  Kt and Ai both snip at their hair constantly -- they've both changed a little even since this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.  They've been having great fun shopping for sunglasses at thrift stores this summer!

I've finished the leg and started the heel (oops, I typed "hell" -- I'm going to pretend that never happened) of my sock.  Someday, I hope, socks will be my take-along knitting and that I'll always have one on the needles, as so many other knitters.  I am so anxious to get the first one (okay, two) done, though, that I've been working on it exclusively.

I did do a little organizing and rearranging of the stash last night.  Where did that ball -- those balls -- of self-striping sock yarn come from?  I opened a drawer in a chest and found both forgotten yarn and project(s) in need of finishing.  As far as I can see, there's no reason for any new yarn to cross my threshold for a while.

Heather left a comment yesterday and said that her husband quit smoking 3 weeks ago (YayForHim!).  I wrote back to her said that it's hard for me to even remember what I was feeling at 3 weeks, but I know it wasn't as good as today!  I still think about smoking everyday, sometimes several times a day (especially when I see someone smoking or smoke escaping through an open car window or something triggers what used to be "break").  I can more "easily" put it out of my mind and lose the craving these days, but I can pretty much tell you, at any given point in time, how long I've been quit.  I wonder if I'll ever be like Ann (who quit at the same time as me), or my sister, who really seem to not think about it much at all.



Ann does think about it though...I know she does. We've discussed it. I think for you, too, with the job--there were specific smoke times built in...those are hard to forget. And the driving too, right?

Anyway, the girls look totally cool and very new wave. :)


Awesome hair! They look like twins! (And who do they look like? I dont see either of you in them - well maybe a little of you - I guess the sunglasses are blocking a lot though....)

Corey Hart - brings back memories.

Yay for hellish heels!


I quit 6 years, 6 months, and 19 days ago and it's still hard sometimes. I just spent a week with my daughter who smokes and there were a few times when I was tempted ... but NO!! I will not smoke again. Every day that passes is one more day smoke-free. Good for you!!


I loved the 80's! but imagine knitting one of those 80's sweaters? no thanks! Vickie I quit smoking over 2 years ago now and I still think about smoking.make sure everything in your house is washed,carpets furniture ect.even your pillows.You won't crave a cig as much if you don't smell it around you.I washed everything I had and even got rid of my wool so I wouldn't smell the of luck!


Super cute hair!!


Cute girls and being a redhead myself......gotta love that color!!

Giving up smoking is hard, but each day without smoking is an extra day on the other end to spend with loved ones!


Vicki! What a great haul from the antique mall! Good stuff. AND, tell your girls their haircuts are too cute!


Congratulations on starting the first sock! Once you make them, you will never stop, at least I didn't. There are always pairs of feet lined up wanting handknit socks! I bet I could knit them year round and still not get a pair for everyone who wants one!

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