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Unfortunately, I forgot to download pictures, so I'll have to type all one thousand words!  Ha.  Just kidding.  Pics tomorrow, I promise.

Gg_button2Today we have graphics...  Go ahead and click for some cute gift ideas (for yourself or someone else!) and a good cause!  Cara's the mastermind behind this one -- I wonder if she's got a little yarn mustache.

I have worked almost exclusively on my second sock this weekend, having turned the heel and I'm cruising on the foot.  I may have my first completed pair by week's end.  I'm getting excited about that -- and about starting my second pair!

I did a lot of shopping over the weekend -- clearance sales are everywhere!  I was pretty deliberate in my purchases and most of them are earmarked for future gifts -- baby things, birthdays, even Christmas.  I'm not going to bust my butt to finish the Peek-A-Boo mittens (I'm not feelin' the love) for the baby shower -- they'll still be most welcome in November -- when I can get 60% off Carter's onesies and the like at Kohl's!

I had the sewing machine out a couple of times.  Ai bought some fabric for a bag last week and all the pieces and parts finally came together over the weekend.  It's adorable and I can't wait to show you -- and to make some more!  (One stop yesterday was Hancock Fabrics so Kt could scope the selection.)  My brain was numbed for a while at the directions for sewing the lining to the bag and then pulling it all through a hole to *voila!* basically have a finished bag.  Finally, I just trusted that the directions were correct, took it one step at a time and *voila!* *ta-da!* a bag!

I also made a sleeveless, tunic-type top out of an oversized, smock-type, linen jacket that Mom had given me a while back.  She is at least two or three inches shorter than me and I don't understand how she looked so good in that thing and "frumpy" doesn't even come close to describing how I looked!  So, I re-styled it and it suits me so much better!  I used another top as a guide, lopped a little off each side (along with the sleeves) to give it more of an A-line and make it a tad narrower, then cut the armholes.  I basically had to sew two side seams and finish off two sleeve edges and I was finished!


I am absolutely in shock this morning to learn that Peter Jennings has died.  His announcement about having lung cancer came about a month into my quit and I recall being a bit shaken by the news even then.  I'm not a dim-wit, I know that lung cancer is serious and people die, but I also know people who have been treated and who have recovered and who have survived.  It never occurred to me that Peter Jennings would lose the battle.  (Wake up, woman!)



Thanks for the shout out! Eyeleen did all the work - I just had the idea! (Delegating works sometimes. Insert evil laugh.)

Jennings death did come as a shock. I guess because when he made the announcement he didn't really look sick, you know?

Everyday your lungs get healthier and healthier! I'm so proud of you!


I've got my 'got gauge' coming;-)!
Yes grrl, those lungs of yours get better everyday. Peter was such a voice of reason during difficult times. He will be missed.


My grandfather was 86 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he died three weeks later. Sometimes it can be pretty advanced before it's diagnosed. I was also shocked at the news; I didn't even know Mr. Jennings was sick. Whenever something happened that required round-the-clock coverage I always watched him; he was my favorite.

Kim/Curlie Girl

It's so sad that Peter Jennings is no longer with us. And I agree with the earleir is a shock because when he made the announcement he looked so healthy. And yes, every day you don't smoke, your lungs get healthier!


Got Gauge? What a cute idea. When I heard about Peter Jennings, I was surprised too. I really thought that he would pull through.

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