My daughter the pansy

An eye-full


My Aunt Vicki tells really funny stories.  I especially like stories about me.  Like the time I peed right in my own eye when Aunt Vicki was in charge of the between-diaper wiggle and Mount Vesuvius (that's what my mom calls it) started erupting, even though there'd been a quite recent "lava flow" and danger was supposed to be low.  Yeah, that was a really funny one!  --M*c



He's so darn cute!!


it is a testament to your self control that there are no teeth marks in his thighs! so cute & chubby, I want to bite him!!


Oh Vicki! So cute and so funny! You made my night.


LOL! That very thing happened once while I was changing my newborn son. Being a new mom, I of course was horrified. I thought he'd go blind. Thankfully he's still got both eyes and seems to see just fine. =)


That's the trouble with boys. As soon as you do the release of those nappy tags, up shoots the fountain! Happy days!


Giggle! Too darned cute.


Oh THANK YOU! He is just TOO CUTE! What a honey.

Lynne S of Oz

My father used to revel in the tales of my big brother peeing in his own eye.... Now if one of us girls had managed it, that'd be worth telling!


Your baby items are so darling. And I just recently discovered your blog. I'm particularly fond of your Koolaid dyed baby booties from the Debbie Bliss Quick Baby collection. I just checked that book out of the library because I'm trying to knit a layette for my niece who is delivering in October. Thanks for the great inspiration. Chelle


Awww, SO cute! So obviously adored! :):)

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